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Are Ty and Amy a Couple in Real Life?

Amy and Ty
Amy and Ty

When a series last for so long with the same dreamy couple, fans cannot help but to ship the two in real life and assume as if they are a couple off screen as well. This is exactly what happened to Ty and Amy in Heartland, even after the tragic death of the former.

Heartland has been a part of four lives for the past 15 years. Sometimes, we feel like we grew up with them. While some other shows lasted even longer than Heartland, they usually lack characters that we feel such a strong bond with. These types of long-lasting shows usually become either CSI-type crime-solving detective dramas or soap operas. In detective dramas, the characters are not the focal points of the show. We are usually following those series for the action element and thus, even the detectives change, we don’t mind as long as stories continue to be interesting. In soap operas, characters matter.

Amy and Ty

Amy and Ty

What is Heartland About?

However, they have an abundance of them and whenever someone gets killed, he or she immediately got replaced by a new one, making it impossible to mourn after. Heartland, however, is different than both of these genres. The show is following only a handful of main characters and for 14 years, they have remained the same, which is a very rare occasion. For 14 long years, we watched Amy, Lou, Jack, Tim, and Ty continuing their daily lives in the Heartland ranch. Each one of these characters has a completely distinct personality.

And yet, they have one common thing: a warm heart that welcomes everyone. Thus, the show has an overall positive atmosphere that takes all our stress away. It has a calming effect on people and we appreciate it. That being said, when you have a show that continues for 14 years without any issues when you have a perfect show, any slight imperfection causes major destruction and outrage.

Ty and Amy

Ty and Amy before Ty died in Season 14

Why Ty Died in Heartland?

This is what happened to Heartland when Ty died in Season 14. While many shows somehow overcome the killing of their characters since their fans get used to it, Heartland’s fanbase always assumed that the characters of the show will always be there. Thus, losing Ty had been very difficult for the fans of the show. It caused a major outrage among the fans and some of them decided to stop watching the show in protest.

The rest of them continued watching, but they constantly complained about how the show was no longer feeling the same. For these fans, Ty was an inseparable part of the show because his romance with Amy was one of the backbones of the series from the very beginning. When Ty died, Amy is left alone as a single mother, which felt so unfair for many fans.

For many, it was almost certain that Ty and Amy will inherit the Heartland ranch one day but now, with the death of Ty, everything became ambiguous. Suddenly, we struggled in having any idea about what will happen next in the show. A considerable amount of fans, however, we’re okay with losing Ty. “Why?” you may ask.

Heartland Amy and Ty

Heartland Amy and Ty with their daughter Lyndy

Is Ty and Amy together in real life?

Well, because, they assumed Ty and Amy were together in real life. Yes, you heard it right. Since the couple’s on-screen chemistry was too realistic, many assumed that they were already a real couple, meaning that Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle were dating in real life.

Unfortunately, these were nothing but wishful thinking. The couple were indeed great together in the show. However, in reality, they had no romantic interaction whatsoever. Despite spending years working together, they have always been strictly friends, which is also great. Amber Marshall is married to a photographer named Shawn Turner since 2013. The couple fell in love during a race show and since then, they have been inseparable.

They live on a ranch near Heartland and continue to enjoy their life together. They have a lot of animals, mostly horses, whom they take care of personally and we just admire their lifestyle and love together. That being said, just like the majority of the Heartland cast members, Marshall is quite reserved when it comes to her personal life and thus, we only have glimpses of her relationship with Turner.

Still, we know that they had a dreamy wedding in which they hosted friends and family. The wedding took place in their ranch and even the altar was made by Turner himself. 

Wardle, who left the show in 2020, was married to Allison Wardle. However, the couple’s relationship did not last for long. In a live stream on Facebook, Wardle announced that they broke up. Since then, we did not hear any romantic developments in Wardle’s life. Still, his career is taking off in different mediums, particularly podcasting. He seems to have a pretty serious and devoted following and occasionally he hosts some of his old colleagues, including Marshall. 

Amy and Ty

Amy and Ty

Ty and Amy Love Story

In Heartland, Ty and Amy met when Ty came to the Heartland ranch with the help of Amy’s mother, Marion. He was a troubled boy with a dysfunctional family in which his stepfather was constantly beating up his mom. One day, he couldn’t stand and attacked his stepfather to end the violence.

The attack ended up him leaving the home. However, this has turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. He met Amy, fell in love, and decided to revolve his life around her. He has become a hardworking member of the ranch and improved himself in every aspect of the occupation. He even went to university and became a vet.

Throughout the process, Amy was there for him. Their relationship was based on mutual love and respect, which is a very rare combination to watch on TV. Therefore, for an audience like us who got sick of watching toxic relationships being portrayed as if they are true loves, Amy and Ty were just what we were needing at the time. Because of this, we will never forget them.

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