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10 Best Romantic Heartland Scenes of All Time

Heartland Best Romantic Scenes
Heartland Best Romantic Scenes

Admit it, would it be exciting to watch Heartland if it did not have any romantic elements? Heartland is one of the world’s greatest horse TV shows and it mixes horses, romance, and meaningful family moments amid the gorgeous background of the Canadian Rockies.

The show’s popularity is due to the producers, cast, and crew’s great writing and production. It is simple to fall in love with Heartland’s thrilling plot, endearing characters, and stunning sceneries. Some of us are watching it to forget the drama of real life, and some of us are watching it for romance.

Ranking the top romantic Heartland scenes has been exceedingly difficult due to the sheer number of them. Let’s dive into the romantic scenes of the famous couples from the horse show Heartland.

Ty and Amy's first kiss

Ty and Amy’s first kiss

Best scenes of Amy and Ty

1. Amy and Ty’s first kiss

Amy and Ty’s first kiss in the Season 1 finale “Coming Together” is a memorable scene from the program. Amy and Ty share an emotional talk in the stable on the night of Amy’s Fall Finale triumph.

Ty expresses his admiration for Amy and expresses his want to tell her something else. He looks nervous and unsure how to tell her what is in his mind. Amy famously adds, “Talking is overrated,” then after Ty kisses her passionately.

The fact that this sequence appears so late in the first season distinguishes Heartland from other drama programs. The authors have been careful not to reveal too much too fast. Thanks to them, the show has been a family-friendly and addicting one.

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2. Ty constructs a track for Amy

The following scenario is from Season 1 Episode 2 “After the Storm” of Heartland. Amy’s mother Marion’s death is still relevant at the time, and things haven’t completely returned to normal. When Ty discovers Amy’s fondness for leaping, he constructs a track for her in the forest.

Amy is shown enjoying the course with Spartan towards the end of the episode. In the dying light, the coordinated motions of the horse and rider create a wonderfully stunning and peaceful sight. Jack drives by at the conclusion of her run, with Ty in the truck. Amy beams at Ty with joy, a scene they will cherish for so many years to come.

Ty and Amy

Ty and Amy

3. Ty’s proposal to Amy

Ty’s proposal to Amy in Season 6 Episode 9 “Great Expectations” is ranked third on the list. Considering that Amy and Ty have been dating over several seasons, this scene has been eagerly anticipated by Heartland fans.

Fortunately, the wait was worthwhile. Amy and Ty were walking down the river towards the fishing cottage on the evening of the big event. As they approach the tent, they overhear wild horses and witness a falling star, inspiring Ty to declare that he wants to spend more time of his life with Amy.

Ty asks Amy to marry him at the perfect time, and she agrees without a doubt. And thus a new chapter in the Heartland world starts, full of pleasure, joy, and touching experiences. If you were following the show, you might know how these two went through a lot. After the scene fans got a hit of how Amy and Ty will spend the rest of their lives in their house, united. We are sure this scene was a delight for not only the fans but for the actors also.

Ty and Amy dancing

Ty and Amy dancing

4. Ty and Amy dance in the truck

Ty and Amy are preparing for the end-of-the-year dance in Season 3 Episode 3 “Man’s Best Friend.” Unfortunately, Ty’s vehicle breaks down while driving to the dance, having left them without a way to get there. Ty invites Amy to dance on the back of the truck to cheer her up. It is a gorgeous evening, and the two are bathed in golden light as they dance. Ty presents Amy with a commitment ring to memorialize this wonderful occasion, which she gratefully takes.

Because of its stunning style and grace, this moment is probably the finest Heartland scene of all time. It is also the first time Ty has indicated to Amy that he is genuinely interested in her.

Georgie and Lou

Georgie and Lou

Best scenes of Lou and Peter

5. Introduction of Georgie

In Season 6, a new character was introduced into the Heartland world. Georgie, a runaway, arrives at the farm, accompanied by Phoenix, a wandering horse. After several episodes and escapades, we discover that Georgie would be here to stay.

Lou and Peter ask Georgie whether she would like them to be her adoptive carers in Season 6 Episode 10 “The Road Ahead.” Following that comes a lovely scene in which the entire family gathers at the front of the house for some major announcements. Lou and Peter arrive to inform everyone that Georgie has become a part of the family. In addition, Ty and Amy have announced their engagement.

6. First kiss of Lou and Peter

In episode 13 of season 2, Lou is sitting outside while Peter approaches her. Not having a clear idea what Lou’s name is, Peter, expresses his interest in Lou. Lou, on the other hand, seems like she knows the relationship between them cannot work. Peter approaches Lou and kisses her, while Lou still says that they cannot work it out. When she decides to leave, she stops halfway only to turn back and kiss Peter again.

Best scenes of Lou and Mitch

7. Mitch kisses Lou

In season 9 episode 17, Lou visits Mitch to tell him how they have low supplies of wood, but later we understand that is only an excuse to talk with him. She says they have to keep quiet about their relationship, or they should stay as friends. Mitch approach and kiss her, saying “I never kiss my friends like that”, indicating they can never be friends. This scene is actually pretty popular since it portrays the romantic tension between them.

Lou and Mitch in Season 9 Episode 16

Lou and Mitch in Season 9 Episode 16

8. Lou warns Mitch

In the episode right before the one mentioned above, Lou visits Mitch to tell him she is his boss and things should not get weird in the dude ranch. It looks like she does not know what she wants because right after she finishes her sentence she kisses Mitch.

Best scenes of Jack and Lisa

9. Jack and Lisa’s wedding

After overcoming several obstacles in their love, Jack marries Lisa in season 8 episode 2 “The Big Red Wall.” Despite the family’s surprise, everyone pulls together and has a fantastic time during the couple’s wedding celebration at Heartland. The scene of their marriage was a thing to see!

Jack and Lisa in the car

Jack and Lisa in the car

10. Lisa wants Jack to call her

In Jack’s car, Lisa admits that she wants Jack to call him sometime, implying how she wants to see him more. This was a little romantic scene between them but they did not kiss which we think made the scene more exciting than ever.

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