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6 Best Chris Rock Comedy Specials Ranked – Chris Rock News!

6 Best Chris Rock Comedy Specials Ranked
6 Best Chris Rock Comedy Specials Ranked

We have not seen any Chris Rock comedy specials in a long time, but that doesn’t really matter because he has a special place in the comedy show fans’ hearts. He’s one of the finest comedians of all time because of his ability to invade the minds of the audience with his daring jokes and unbeatable tempo. Chris Rock comedy specials are known for having fans and anti-fans, but it is true that the experience of the guy is unbeatable on the stage.

You might know him from his unique laugh, the panther-like stage prowling, and the mic drops and these are all the reasons why people adore or maybe despise Chris Rock comedy specials.

Chris Rock is on his way to becoming a cinematic auteur, but it seems like he cannot give up on releasing comedy specials because of his 30 years of experience as a stand-up idol.

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Anyways, if we had to pick the 6 best Chris Rock comedy specials, the list would go on like this:

1. Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody Hate Chris

Everybody Hates Chris

In 2005, comedian Chris Rock was inspired by his childhood recollections in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and those events were the starting point of his amazing comedy show. Everybody Hates Chris is one of the best Chris Rock comedy specials and it has a high chance of continuing since the program was nominated for a Golden Globe for best TV comedy and is the most-watched on the broadcasting site.

If you are expecting the show to be completely authentic to Rock’s own Brooklyn childhood, you cannot find it here because the producers were not looking to create a historical document.

2. The Chris Rock Show

The Chris Rock Show

The Chris Rock Show

One of the most talented stand-up comedians of our generation Chris Rock got his name known with this Chris Rock comedy special. He also got his big break on this cerebral and entertaining special, and the show was later Emmy-nominated. The show is full of amusing sketches with racist, sexual, crass, nasty, and unpleasant themes.

3. Chris Rock: Kill the Messenger

Kill the Messenger

Kill the Messenger

Chris Rock’s Kill the Messenger is one of the best Chris Rock comedy specials and it is an incredible display of a stand-up expert who is possibly better than anyone else working in the same field today.

Chris Rock covers a wide range of topics in this comedy special and the sketches are both new and old. There are some edgier sections of the show which make us see how sophisticated Rock’s delivery is on the stage.

4. Chris Rock: Bigger & Black

Bigger and Black

Bigger and Black

In this Chris Rock comedy special, there’s something for everyone and it is an extremely funny show is a wonderful diversion from today’s absurdity. We are sure that you will feel amazing when watching this special because it was totally authored by a genius comic whom you should enable to rock your world by tuning in.

Chris Rock addresses issues ranging from gender and faithfulness and he walks on the stage more aggressively than ever.

5. Chris Rock: Tamborine



Chris Rock is known for having a devotion to hard facts and the disenchantments of real experiences, but this Chris Rock comedy special called “Tamborine” is different than the others because he was actually trying to look at his comical skills from a different perspective.

In this one, Rock is ready to disrupt the laughs, which can be seen as a fresh vulnerability because you sense that there’s sorrow in the jokes. If you want to witness a comedian guy open his soul on stage, you should watch Tamborine.

6. Chris Rock Never Scared

Never Scared

Never Scared

Chris Rock is a movie star, but he’s most probably known for being on the stage to stride back and forth, carrying a microphone, and telling jokes. People typically measure stand-up shows by how well the jokes can stand the fast passing time, and today it is obvious that Never Scared is still incredibly effective.

In this Chris Rock comedy special, he addresses issues such as marriage, drugs, and the distinctions between being affluent and being rich. If you like George Carlin, you will probably like this special too, because even when Chris Rock is not being humorous, he’s still stating the facts and we think that is why Chris Rock will always be regarded as a cultural icon.

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