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Netflix Bright 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is Will Smith Movie Canceled?

Netflix Bright 2 Release Date, Trailer - Is Will Smith Movie Canceled?
Netflix Bright 2 Release Date, Trailer - Is Will Smith Movie Canceled?

After the “slapping” incident at this year’s Oscars, some of Will Smith’s upcoming movie productions are paused, which makes us wonder if the production for Bright 2 will be halted or canceled. One of these paused productions belongs to the Bad Boys franchise, the 3rd film of which was released in 2020. It is reported that the Bad Boy 4 movie has been paused due to the mess at the Oscars.

Another news came from Netflix, apparently, the platform shelved a movie called Fast and Loose that would be starring Smith as the lead. We are thinking if Netflix halted the production of Fast and Loose, what will happen to Bright 2, which is supposed to come out in late 2022 or early 2023?

Considering the success of the 1st movie, which was streamed by 11 million people in its first 3 days, it was not shocking for Netflix to renew the film for a sequel, despite the fact that the movie was torn apart by critics, getting a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We should be looking at the possibility of whether Netflix cancels Bright 2 or not while clearing up some details of the 1st movie as well.

Bright 2 Release Date

Bright 2 Release Date: When is it?

Bright 2 Release Date: When is it?

The 1st Bright movie was released in 2017 and since then, the sequel has been in the works. Probably because Netflix did not want to continue with the original creator of Bright, Max Landis, when 8 women came forward in 2017 against Landis, accusing him of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Then Netflix announced that David Ayer and Evan Spiliotopoulos would be working on the script for the new movie.

However, even before the incident at the Academy Awards, the filming for Bright 2 hadn’t yet started but most sources were accepting Bright 2 release date to be late 2022 and early 2023. It seems like things are not going to go according to plans as after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, things are not going well for him either. He publicly apologized, twice, both from the Academy and Chris Rock. He then announced that he has resigned from the Academy. So, with the rumors and reports about production delays of other Smith movies, it seems like the future of Bright 2 is quite vague.

We are not sure if Netflix is going to cancel Bright 2 but we feel like the platform is going to wait a few more months, at least for the controversy to cool off, to begin production for the movie (that is, if they do not cancel it).

Bright Netflix Cast

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in Bright (2017)

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton in Bright (2017)

Here is the Bright cast list:

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Bright movie ending explained

Bright Movie Ending Explained

Bright Movie Ending Explained

Before explaining the ending of the movie, let’s clear the meanings of some of the confusing concepts of the movie. First of all, what is a Bright? A Bright in this universe is basically people who can wield incredible magical powers. A Bright is usually an Elf but there is also a one in a million chance of a human to be a Bright as well. For a human to discover that they are a Bright, they need to touch a magic wand, which kills you immediately if you are not a Bright. However, if you are a Bright, the wand allows you to use its amazing powers.

Who is the Inferni? The Inferni is a group of Elves serving the Dark Lord, an ancient evil power. They are the most loyal followers of the Dark Lord and have been doing everything in their power to bring him back.

At the end of the movie, we actually find out that Will Smith’s character Ward is a Bright as well. We learn this when he tries to save Tikka at the end by taking the magic wand into his hands. Ward knows that touching the wand will kill him but he sacrifices his life for her. Yet, when he takes the wand, he realizes he is a Bright too, as he is not destroyed by the weapon.

After the bad guys are dead, Tikka disappears, and the 2 police officers are in the hospital for recovery. They are both honored as heroes who took down the Inferni. They deny the existence of a magic wand and keep Ward’s newly-discovered identity a secret. However, at the honoring ceremony, Tikka is seen again in the crowd, signaling the fact that there is more to tell in this story.

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