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Killing It Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Killing It Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
Killing It Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

Killing It Season 2 could be renewed or canceled, but one thing is for sure: it is one of the trending topics now. Killing It is a comedy about wealth and industry, and we are almost certain that Killing It Season 2 will be about the same topic, too. Craig Foster, our main pal, is a bank security officer and he is the one who is presenting us with an extraordinary experience.

He is living in Miami and struggling to pay the bills like most adults are and he has a daughter called Vanessa. Life is extra hard for Craig because he is trying to co-parent her teen daughter with Camille, his ex-wife. Throughout the show, we watch how Craig aspires to be an investor and get some riches, but he has no idea how to get his concepts off the floor and reach his goals.

Enter Jillian, who is our new character who will solve all of Craig’s problems, or create new ones in Season 2, who knows? Craig later has a fortuitous meeting with our new character Jillian who is a service driver and he introduces Craig to the bizarre world of government python hunting, and the good stuff begins for us to watch.

Anyways, the main question here is when will we be able to watch Killing It Season 2? The date might be sooner than you expect.

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Killing It Season 2



Here we are at that part everybody was waiting for, so we will cut the chase. Some are guessing Killing It Season 2 might air in 2023 but is that even realistic? That might be the case if the show is approved in 2022 and the work for the next season starts immediately, but that does not sound too reliable. We guess the earliest release date for the 2nd season is 2024, and it is the fans’ best shot in our opinion.

Killing It Season 1 aired on the TV Show platform Peacock on April 14, 2022, but the official release date was much earlier than that. Looks like something went wrong on the way, but we were able to watch Killing It Season 1 without any problems.

In the 1st season, we got the chance to watch 10 fantastic episodes that were around 30 minutes, and we enjoyed every second of it. Even though the 1st season received a lot of love from fans, the future of Killing It Season 2 cannot be predicted. Considering the love it received, we do not think that Peacock would terminate the series though, so we still have high hopes for Killing It Season 2.

Killing It Cast

Killing It Cast

Killing It Cast

In Season 1, we watched Craig Robinson as Craig, Claudia O’Doherty as Jillian, Rell Battle as Isaiah, Stephanie Nogueras as Camille, Scott MacArthur as Brock, Tim Bagley as Mr. Franks, and Jet Miller as Vanessa, and, in addition to these actors, we are expecting to see Cullen Moss as Donald Assarian, Wyatt Walter as Corby, Deadra Moore as Andrea, Martin Bats Bradford as Dame, and Fernando Martinez. If the program is renewed for Killing It Season 2, most of the key performers are anticipated to stay for it. But of course, fans and we are always welcoming some fresh faces to be included in our favorite shows.

Is Killing It on Peacock?

Yes, you can watch the show on Peacock where Craig Robinson is shining brightly in the streaming site’s new comedy series, Killing It. Camille, Foster’s deaf ex-wife, is one of the characters that you will never forget because, unlike the other shows, the makers of Killing It wanted Camille’s portrayal to be as real as possible. With that intent, the producers cast a deaf actress as the lead, which contributes to the beauty of the show.

Killing It Trailer

We briefly explained the plot of Season 1, and you might remember how Craig Foster, a Miami-based banking security officer, is ambitious about making some money for himself and his family. He simply wants to live the American Dream, but is it ever possible for such people? When he requests credit to start a new business, he gets turned down by the bank, and all we have is a man who wants to be a businessman but has no idea where to begin. Everything changes when he meets with Jillian and his life alters completely, and here’s where you can check the trailer of the 1st season below.

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