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We are the Millers 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

We are the Millers 2 Release Date, Trailer
We are the Millers 2 Release Date, Trailer

Even though it has been a long time since the release of the 1st movie, it looks like We are the Millers 2 is on the way to making us recall the epic drug groundwork they have in their house. We are the Millers 2 might come back with a more complicated and organized work this time, because there are some rumors that the producers are currently working on it!

If you have not heard about the release date, do not worry, because you will learn everything about We are the Millers 2 here. First of all, The Millers is a comedy-drama film about people who fabricate information about their family life to get out of certain situations.

In the movie, you can see many familiar faces such as Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Molly Quinn, and the show is based on the story of their characters. Bob Fisher and Steve Faber are also well-known names who contributed to the work of the script, leading the movie to make more than $270 million in theaters while having a considerably low budget.

What will be the next step for the movie, will we able to watch We are the Millers 2? Many fans are having high hopes, considering the success of the movie at the box office, and they have a solid reason to do so.

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We’re the Millers 2

Miller family

Miller family

We are happily announcing that We are The Millers 2 is returning in theaters almost 6 years after the 1st and the rumors about the movie being in making are true!

The producers are considering making the 2nd movie thanks to its success, and New Line immediately started the work for the next one which will be called ‘We’re Still The Millers.’ Even though the news was pretty serious when they were first announced, we are having some doubts about the future of the movie because it has been a very long time. We can say that anything is possible at this point.

Even though it is confirmed that the movie will get a sequel, We are The Millers 2 has yet to get an official release date, because success at the box office alone is not enough for producers.

We are still waiting for the creators to determine whether the sponsors are willing to cooperate with them and they also need to get in contact with the cast members because we want to see the same actors again!

We’re the Millers Cast

The Millers

The Millers

We saw that Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Molly Quinn starred in the opening act of the film where they all lived as the Millers, and we think We are The Millers 2 can get the same success as the 1st one if the cast remains the same.

Because all of these actors are well-known and have significant forthcoming projects, they might be able to contribute to the work of We are The Millers 2. Aside from these core actors, more cast members may be added to the film which we are sure many viewers will accept happily.

We do not think that a new movie will be without new faces, because we need something new to watch it, but if you ask who are these new characters going to be, we do not know yet.

We’re the Millers Plot

We're the Millers poster

We’re the Millers poster

In the movie, we see Daniel eventually becoming a heroin dealer as a result of the events that take part, and we see the situation confirmed in the ending. The Millers had a very happy ending and it was expected considering that it is a comedy movie. We last saw the family living in a very well home with a garden that helped them make a fortune, growing weed in a secret place. What can we see for We are The Millers 2 is still unknown, but since Daniel is officially a drug dealer, we are expecting a similar plotline.

The 1st film was heavily centered on how well the family got along, so it would not hurt to see them argue a little bit, which we are expecting to see in We are The Millers 2.

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