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Younger Season 8 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Younger Season 8 Release Date, Trailer
Younger Season 8 Release Date, Trailer

Whether there will be a Younger Season 8 or not is the question all followers of the show are currently asking. Younger has been running for 7 years and it all started on TV Land in 2015, but on June 10, 2021, we watched Season 7’s finale. So, fans are naturally asking if the Younger Season 8 has been canceled or not because the story seems to be ended for Liza Miller, her coworkers, and her friends. Let’s not forget the love interests.

Fortunately, there are also rumors that Younger Season 8 will continue the tale with a spinoff starring Hilary Duff’s Kelsey Peters, but it seems like the process is slow as a result of the actress’s involvement with the How I Met Your Mother sequel.

Liza Miller

Sutton Foster as Liza Miller

Younger creator Darren Star also mentioned a potential future movie, thinking that a movie might be a very great gift for the fans. Darren Star has written for a number of popular comic television shows and he developed the most-loved comedy-drama Younger which managed to be on TV for long 7 years.

Despite the fact that the show has been running for 7 years with 7 seasons, it does not change the situation that fans want to see Younger Season 8 because the show did nothing but gain favorable reviews and comments.

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Younger Season 8

Younger Season 7

Younger Season 7

Will the series be renewed for Younger Season 8 and will we be able to learn what happens to Liza’s life and her daughter? The answer seems to be a no, because Younger was officially canceled after the finale of the 7th season which finished on June 10, 2021.

The show was well-liked because it had a unique perspective we haven’t seen before, so fans want to watch more of Younger Season 8 even rumors for a film already have gotten started, but there is still time to start the spin-off because the main actor is engaged with other works.

As the creator mentioned, we may expect the Younger drama series to be adapted into a feature movie that follows the lives and difficulties of separated women and their children, but we do not really have hope for Younger Season 8.

Younger Cast

Younger on Netflix

Younger on Netflix

Even though the series has been canceled, we still expect to see Younger Season 8 just like all the fans, and it is worth mentioning the actors who took part in the previous seasons. You might remember from the last seasons that Liza Miller and Maggie Amato are close friends.

These two live in Liza’s apartment and share a bedroom where they live like friends with benefits. In the show, Diana was performed by Miriam Shor, Josh was played by Nico Tortorella, Kelsey Peter was played by Hilary Duff, and Robert was played by Peter Hermann.

Younger Season 8 has been postponed, and Season 7 is the final season, but if there would be a movie, we would expect the same actors to return along with some new faces and we anticipate that Liza Miller’s narrative may be recounted in cinematic form.

We are truly upset that Liza Miller’s journey comes to an end with the completion of Season 7, but fans should still have hope for the upcoming movie.

Younger Season 7 Ending Explained

Maggie Amato

Maggie Amato

Fans were divided into two because of Charles and Josh since they could not receive an explanation of Liza’s love life, but with the ending of Season 7, the fans and followers of the show seem to understand what is going on a little bit better.

Liza’s love affair with Charles was ended in the series finale and there was still hope for a happy ending with Josh along with the show’s key connection that happened between Liza and Kelsey.

Kelsey said that she’d move to Los Angeles and this was the breaking point of their relationship. It was also very clear that Charles and Quinn would not be successful in a long-term relationship, and later Charles decided it was time to pursue his artistic goals and become a novelist.

Charles and Josh

Charles and Josh

For that reason, Charles gave all the control of Empirical to Liza, making her the boss but we know how Kelsey is a feisty millennial, so she decided to launch a publishing center on her own.

Last but not least, Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine made the finest offer which resulted in Kelsey concluding the series with plans to go to the West, and we think it was made on purpose. Think about it, if Kelsey moves on to another place, we can have a movie or a spin-off that focuses on her life.

But it is most likely not going to happen since Duff has signed on to the show called How I Met Your Father.

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