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Summertime Cast – Ages, Partners, Characters

Summertime Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters
Summertime Cast

The coming-of-age drama Summertime hit Netflix with its 1st installment on April 29, 2020, and everyone is already impatiently waiting for Summertime Season 3. In addition to the musical Italian language and pastoral landscape offered by the series, Summertime cast of numerous attractive and up-and-coming actors and actresses has also attracted a lot of attention ever since the series premiered. Therefore, in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the outstanding cast.

Coco Rebecca Edogamhe

Summertime Cast - Coco Rebecca Edogamhe as Summer

Coco Rebecca Edogamhe as Summer

Coco Rebecca Edogamhe is a 21-year-old Italian actress who grew up outside Bologna as the daughter of a Nigerian father and an Italian mother from Puglia. She made her screen debut in the Netflix series Summertime. She plays the main character Summer Bennati, who’s an introverted woman. To support her family, Summer decides to take a job at the Grand Hotel Cesenatico, where she meets Ale, a man who’s the exact opposite of her.

The aspiring actress has been dating Manny Ribera since 2020. However, the couple went public only in 2021. She likes sharing their pictures on her Instagram account.

Ludovico Tersigni

Summertime Cast - Ludovico Tersigni as Ale

Ludovico Tersigni as Ale

The 27-year-old Italian actor Ludovico Tersigni is best known for his role as Giovanni Garau in the TV series SKAM Italia. In 2021, he also hosted X Factor Italia. In addition, Tersigni starred in the 2016 film Slam. He plays Alessandro Alba, also known as Ale, in Summertime.

The handsome actor likes to live inconspicuously. However, according to reports, he’s currently single.

Amanda Campana

Summertime Cast - Amanda Campana as Sofia

Amanda Campana as Sofia

The beautiful Italian actress Amanda Campana has already appeared in the movies A Bunch of Bastards and The Crypt Monster. However, she catapulted her career with her role as Sofia, one of Summer’s best friends, in Summertime.

The 25-year-old actress spends most of her time with her friends and seems to be single at the moment. According to reports, Campana wants to focus on her career. In addition to her acting career, Amanda is interested in pole dance. You can watch her dancing videos on her social media account.

Andrea Lattanzi

Summertime Cast - Andrea Lattanzi as Dario

Andrea Lattanzi as Dario

The 29-year-old attractive actor Andrea Lattanzi has starred in several movies such as The Turning Point, Ordinary Justice, Letto numero 6 and On My Skin: The Last Seven Days of Stefano Cucchi. In the Netflix series Summertime he played the role of Dario.

His relationship status is currently unknown, as he likes to keep his life private. However, we assume that he’s single.

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Giovanni Maini

Summertime Cast - Giovanni Maini as Edo

Giovanni Maini as Edo

The 22-year-old actor Giovanni Maini caught the attention of worldwide viewers with his role as Edo, Summer’s best friend, in the Netflix series Summertime. Previously, he was seen for 3 episodes in a TV series called Nudes.

Being fully focused on his career, the Italian actor’s relationship status is single, which is quite surprising for Summertime fans considering the actor’s irresistible attractiveness.

Alberto Boubakar Malanchino

Summertime Cast - Alberto Boubakar Malanchino as Anthony

Alberto Boubakar Malanchino as Anthony

Alberto Malanchino is a 30-year-old Italian actor who made his TV debut with the series Camera Café in 2017. After that, he appeared in TV series such as Back Home, An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts and DOC – Nelle tue mani, for which he’s best known. He also made an appearance in the Summertime cast as Anthony. Unfortunately, we got to see him in the Netflix series only for 3 episodes, at the end of Season 1 and in the 1st episode of Season 2.

According to reports, the actor isn’t currently dating anyone.

Alicia Ann Edogamhe

Summertime Cast - Alicia Ann Edogamhe as Blue

Alicia Ann Edogamhe as Blue

Surprisingly, two sisters star in Summertime. Yes, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe and Alicia Ann Edogamhe are siblings. The Italian actress, who rose to fame with her role as Blue in Summertime, is only at the beginning of her career. However, due to her excellent performance in the Netflix series, we believe that we’ll see her on screen more often.

The age and relationship status of the thriving actress isn’t revealed. So, we’ve very little information about her. With that being said, we believe that she’ll become more public once she becomes more famous.

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