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Why is HBO’s Succession So Good? – Succession Emmy 2022 Nominations Explained!

Why is HBO’s Succession So Good
Why is HBO’s Succession So Good

HBO Succession got so many Emmy nominations, and many are wondering about the reason behind its success. Also, as Season 3 progressed, it’s clear to see why some people were turned off as Roman was the most recent sibling to fight for the Waystar crown.

Roman established himself as a successful albeit imperfect businessman before being hung on his own petard and ostracized by his father. It’s a familiar story because we’ve seen it before, and the spectator is likely to wonder why the protagonists continue to expose themselves to such humiliation and keep watching the show.

All of this is an understandable way of saying that HBO Succession is the best show on TV because it understands the trauma of abuse, and it also shows how our brains are hard-wired to look to our parents for comfort. The characters we see in the show are often accepting of what they give or no matter what form it takes. This, we believe is the reason behind HBO Succession’s fame.

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How Many Emmy Nominations Does HBO Succession Have?

Siobhan Roy

Siobhan Roy

The 3rd season of HBO dramedy “Succession” has swept the Emmy nominations as the series received 25 nominations, including the best drama series, and this makes it the year’s most-nominated show. Other nominations for best actor in a drama series comprise Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong, J. Smith Cameron and Sarah Snook for best-supporting actress in a drama, and Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culkin, and Matthew McFayden for best-supporting actor in a drama series.

In total, the show got 14 Emmy nominations for acting, beating the old record for the most Emmy acting nominations for a drama series in a single year and it also surpasses the record for the most actor nominations for any series in a single year.

HBO’s Succession poster

HBO Succession poster

The sitcom received five Emmy nominations in its 1st season and a stunning 18 nominations in its 2nd one, and in the past, the show has received a slew of prestigious prizes. The show’s awards include the Golden Globe for best drama television series, the Emmy for drama series, and the BAFTA for the foreign program; in addition, performers Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong have received Golden Globe nominations for best actor in a television series.

HBO Succession has already received the SAG Award for an ensemble cast, and it was announced in June that production on the show’s 4th season had commenced. “In the 10-episode Season 4, Lukas Matsson gets even closer,” according to the official description for the upcoming season. The Roys’ existential agony and familial divide are heightened by the potential of this cataclysmic sale, and the family considers a future in which their political clout is drastically limited.

What is Succession About?

Logan Roy

Logan Roy

The HBO series about terrible affluent people appears to be about riches, but it all comes down to abuse and family. Succession is so difficult to explain because it appears to be about “money,” but it is truly about “suffering” and “family”. However, according to the series, those two ideas are related as the program is particularly concerned with how unfettered capitalism is usually a distortion of childhood adolescent pain.

Humans frequently use money to try to fill a gap inside, and HBO Succession answers the question of what happens if you had a miserable upbringing and all the money in the world. The 1st season took its time establishing the characters, notably the key Roy foursome of Logan and his three youngest children. Logan’s oldest kid, Connor, also appears significantly in the series, but he’s been portrayed more comedically. Add to this the combo of Tom and Greg, and you have the idea of what makes Succession so famous.

Is Succession Worth Watching?

Kendall Roy

Kendall Roy

HBO Succession is not just one of the finest series on television right now, but it is also one of the best shows of all time as the Emmy Awards showed. People had heard so many good things about it and seen all of the accolades it had received, so it is definitely worth watching. You wouldn’t believe how much you are losing if you did not watch the series yet as so many binge-watched the entire series in less than a week.

It takes a few episodes to truly get into it because it starts off sluggish, but before you know it, you’ll be obsessed with the show and it fully deserves all of the accolades it has received. Characters of HBO Succession are not, contrary to popular belief, one-dimensional as in this show, everyone is flawed. Even if they all appear selfish, they all have flaws, and their motive is deeply ingrained in their characters. HBO Succession is probably the best show you can find on TV right now.

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