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Why is First Kill Canceled? – Everything We Know So Far!

Why is First Kill Canceled? - Everything We Know So Far!
Why is First Kill Canceled? - Everything We Know So Far!

First Kill, an American supernatural adolescent drama series that Victoria Schwab developed, had its Netflix debut on June 10, 2022.

In order to join her powerful family of Legacy vampires, which are the direct matrilineal descendants of Lilith, Juliette, a young vampire, must commit her first murder. They voluntarily let the serpent to bite them in the Garden of Eden. Lilith’s immediate matrilineal ancestor is Juliette.

When Calliope, a newcomer to the neighborhood, sparks feelings of love in Juliette, she shocks her by revealing that Calliope works for The Guardian Guild as a monster hunter. Both find that the other will be more difficult to murder and, regrettably, far too simple to fall for.

Netflix acquired eight one-hour episodes of the project as a series on October 15, 2020. Victoria Schwab is the show’s creator and executive producer, working with Felicia D. Henderson, Emma Roberts, and Karah Preiss.

Based on the same-named short tale by Schwab, First Kill. Schwab and Henderson will co-write the episodes. It is the first production of Belletrist Productions, a business founded by Roberts and Preiss. The first two episodes of the series will reportedly be helmed by Jet Wilkinson, according to a story from April 21, 2021. The release day for the series was June 10, 2022.

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Is First Kill Canceled?

First Kill, a supernatural adolescent drama series that follows star-crossed lovers Juliette (a young vampire) and Calliope (a teen monster hunter) and completely embraces its Romeo and Juliet-esque grandeur, has been canceled by Netflix less than two months after its June 10 launch. Fans immediately expressed their outrage when Deadline on Tuesday revealed the cancellation.

Because it “did not have the lasting power of typical Netflix smashes,” Netflix canceled the fan favorite after one season.

Based on the audience-to-cost ratio, Netflix has historically decided whether to cancel or renew. Although Netflix doesn’t publicly disclose many of its stats, First Kill gained a massive following over its three weeks in the Top 10 TV shows worldwide, accumulating 97.66 million hours of viewing only during that period.

First Kill’s cancellation by Netflix drew instant criticism from viewers who pointed out that it was far from the streamer’s first cancellation of a show portraying female sexual connections. Everything Sucks, I Am Not Okay With This, Teenage Bounty Hunters, One Day at a Time, and Sense8 are among more titles that have suffered the same fate.

Is First Kill Canceled?

Is First Kill Canceled?

Is First Kill connected to vampire Diaries?

Despite just having aired its first season so far, Netflix’s First Kill has already managed to overcome one of the most significant problems that The Vampire Diaries spinoff Legacies encountered. When The Vampire Diaries debuted on the CW in 2007, the Twilight franchise’s tale of young humans falling in love with eternal vampires presented fierce competition.

The Vampire Diaries persevered in spite of this for an incredible seven seasons and gave rise to not one but two spinoffs, The Originals, and Legacies.

In June 2022, Legacies completed its fourth and final season, ending just in time for Netflix’s First Kill to replace it in The Vampire Diaries viewers’ hearts. Although there is no canon relationship between First Kill and the world of The Vampire Diaries, the Netflix series has already nailed one component of the attractiveness of the first program. Ironically, Legacies, The Vampire Diaries’ official spinoff, failed to replicate this aspect of the original series.

Is First Kill connected to vampire Diaries?

Is First Kill connected to vampire Diaries?

What happens at the end of First Kill?

Let’s first summarize briefly. The brothers of Cal (Imani Lewis) assault Elinor in the last episode of the series after failing to get any information out of her. However, she is able to deflect Apollo’s crushing stroke, allowing Theo to receive the stake in its stead. Elinor erases Apollo’s memory and flees as he dies.

Theo has vanished as Cal and Juliette arrive on the scene. At least, he looks to be. The episode’s end indicates that Juliette stayed behind after Cal and Apollo left to clean up the damage. While they were doing this, Theo awakened and pleaded for help. Juliette mistakenly turned him into a vampire while attempting to drain him “so he may die with dignity.” The Burns family is divided because Theo has become the thing he was trained to loathe and destroy.

What happens at the end of First Kill?

What happens at the end of First Kill?

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