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When Calls the Heart Filming Locations

When Calls the Heart Filming Locations - Where is When Calls the Heart Filmed?
When Calls the Heart Filming Locations

There are a lot of things to talk about now that we’ve recently welcomed the 9th season of our favorite Western drama, When Calls the Heart. A lot happened in Hope Valley in the 8th season finale. First and foremost, Elizabeth finally made her decision between the two suitors, Nathan and Lucas. We’re sorry to break it to the fans of Nathan, but Elizabeth opted for Lucas as the guy with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.

When Calls the Heart Filming Locations

Lucas, Elizabeth, and Nathan

The departure of Paul Greene from the show is the second incident that has caused a stir among the Hearties. After he and Faith split up, Greene’s character, Dr. Carson Shephard, left Hope Valley to seek a career in fellowship in Baltimore. Many fans were unhappy with Greene’s departure and questioned why he left WCTH. In reality, Paul had to quit the show because he and his fiancée Kate Austin were expecting a child. The couple welcomed their baby in November. As we made a quick recap of the 8th season finale, we can now jump into the latest When Calls the Heart news!

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Where is When Calls the Heart Filmed?

Where is When Calls the Heart Filmed? Is Hope Valley a Real Place?

Where is When Calls the Heart Filmed?

The hit Hallmark Channel show was first planned to be shot in Colorado. However, most of the scenes were shot on MacInnes Farms in Langley, British Columbia, which is located near Vancouver in western Canada.

If you are wondering whether Hope Valley is a real town and open to visitors, we are sorry to say that the valley is a fictional set. Although the Hearties got to visit the filming set in the past, it’s been closed to visitors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, we hope that it will be reopened soon. Who wouldn’t want to eat lunch at Abigail’s Café?

When Calls the Heart Season 9 News

When Calls the Heart Season 9 finally premiered on March 6 on Hallmark. It has already shattered rating records, with the season premiere becoming the most beloved When Calls the Heart episode of all time, which is unsurprising.

When Calls the Heart Filming Locations - When Calls the Heart Season 9 News

Elizabeth and Lucas

As the love triangle came to an end, we wondered what would happen to Elizabeth and Lucas in the 9th season. Our fresh couple appears to be quite happy and is seeking to spend as much time together as possible. Nathan, on the other hand, is still in the picture; fortunately, the two manage to be friends. Nathan might be involved in a love relationship with a new character named Mei Suo (Amanda Wong).

When Calls the Heart Cast

As you already know, some of our favorite characters, such as Paul Greene and Lori Laughlin, have left the show and are not expected to return for the new season. But first, let’s take a look at the amazing cast who will be returning for When Calls the Heart Season 9!

Erin Krakow

When Calls the Heart Cast

Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton

Erin Krakow is a 37-year-old American actress. She portrays Elizabeth, a schoolteacher who is assigned to a small town as her first duty assignment. She marries and soon after loses her husband. So, she is a widow with a son. In the 8th season, she partnered with Lucas.

Krakow is best known for her part in Army Wives.

Chris McNally

When Calls the Heart Cast

Chris McNally as Lucas

Chris is a 34-year-old Canadian actor who has appeared in movies such as Altered Carbon and Falling Skies. In addition, he starred in the popular fantasy drama Supernatural. In When Calls the Heart, Chris portrays Lucas, a saloon owner who has recently become Elizabeth’s romantic interest.

Kevin McGarry

When Calls the Heart Cast

Kevin McGarry as Nathan

McGarry is a Canadian actor who is most recognized for his roles in Saw: The Final Chapter and Open Heart. He plays Nathan, a Hope Valley mountie who is one of Elizabeth’s suitors in When Calls the Heart.

Jack Wagner

When Calls the Heart Cast

Jack Wagner as Bill Avery

Wagner is a 63-year-old American actor. He rose to prominence as a star of television shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital. He plays Bill Avery, a judge in Hope Valley who is also a candidate for mayor of the town, in the show.

A few of the other cast members returning for the new season are Ben Rosenbaum (Mike Hickam), Kayla Wallace (Fiona Miller), Andrea Brooks (Faith), Johannah Newmarch (Molly Sullivan), and Hyland Goodrich (Jack Thornton Jr.).

Is there When Calls the Heart fanfiction?

A big YES! The Hearties are extremely productive, and they have been penning fiction stories about When Calls the Heart on a regular basis. There are dozens of them on Wattpad and the WCTH fandom website.

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