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Wedding Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Wedding Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
Wedding Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

Netflix has returned to its roots with this rom-com show, and there is no reason why Wedding Season 2 should not be released soon. Wedding Season is the most recent addition to their program, one of the finest romance cliches can be found in this show. What happens when two people pretend to date is the show’s question. Apparently, they’re going to develop feelings for each other no matter what.

Asha and Ravi are followed in the Wedding Season as Asha’s mother continues to arrange dates for her behind her back, one of which is with Ravi, but Asha refuses to go on the date. Her mother says that if she goes on this one date and attends all of the weddings over the season, her mother would finally let her be on her own. Asha accepts, which leads to the date with Ravi, where they strike their pact in the show. From now on, they will pretend to date in order to keep their parents off their backs, but things get too genuine and they develop affections for one another.

While we all know how this story ends, that doesn’t make it any less entertaining, so we understand why people want to see Wedding Season 2. Pallavi Sharda, Suraj Sharma, Arianna Afsar, Sean Kleier, Veena Sood, Rizwan Manji, Ruth Goodwin, and Damian Thompson feature in Wedding Season, and we are sure we will see them again in Wedding Season 2.

Now let’s check the possibilities of the future Wedding Season 2.

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Wedding Season 2 Release Date



Compelled by their mom and dad to find partners, Asha and Ravi falsely claim to date in order to get through a summer of wedding ceremonies but they find themselves starting to fall for each other as they find it difficult to control who they are, as the streaming site explains.

There is a backdrop of wedding preparation, invitations, and mingling in the film, and it investigates what happens when two individuals pretend to be in a relationship and fall in love. When it comes to the release date of Wedding Season 2, we still do not have any news on the topic. Considering that the film has been released very recently, we do not know when it will be released as neither the producers nor Netflix claimed anything about the subject.

However, the film has managed to gain a lot of positive reviews from viewers all around the world, so Wedding Season 2’s release is highly possible.

Wedding Season Ending Explained

Despite their conflicts, Asha and Ravi reconcile towards the conclusion of the Wedding Season, which establishes the ground for Wedding Season 2. Both of their parents embellished their children’s online dating profiles to make them appear better than they are, but the main difference is that Ravi lied to everyone, whereas Asha has trust difficulties.

The big family gathers together due to a mistake over some significant news, and this is the typical explosion in all romantic comedies, and when the truth is revealed, relationships are altered. After breaking off her engagement, Asha’s major aim was to secure financial support so she prioritized her work because she sincerely wants to assist other women. Nobody believed in her until Ravi came in and utilized his foundation to assist, but he did it behind her back and didn’t tell her how he was financially secure.

All of this came out, and she couldn’t understand why he didn’t trust her. The beauty of the Wedding Season is that everything between Asha and Ravi transpired fairly organically, there were no expectations, and they simply became friends first, nevertheless, certain sentiments begin to emerge in the film.



When Asha discusses her happiness with her mother, she understands that her own mother had to store a piece of her when she was in love with someone else, so Asha’s mother wanted her two daughters to be happy and put a lot of pressure on them. We wonder what Wedding Season 2 has in store for us in the future.

Where was the Wedding Season filmed?

Asha and Ravi

Asha and Ravi

Despite being set in New Jersey, the majority of Wedding Season was shot in Ontario, and it was largely shot in the Greater Toronto Area. Taking a closer look, the Greater Toronto Area comprises the City of Toronto as well as regional governments, and Toronto proved to be the film’s primary and major production center.

The team established a sort of base of operations at Avenue Diner on 222 Davenport Road, and the wedding sequences were shot at Cambium Farms, located at 18333 Winston Churchill Boulevard in Caledon. You may see the location for yourself by visiting the official website of the film, and there is an opportunity to look at the facilities used. We are expecting the same places to be used for Wedding Season 2.

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