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Wall-e 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

WallE 2 Release Date
WallE 2 Release Date

It has been so many years since we have heard about WallE 2, and people are demanding the 2nd movie of the fantastic robot story. There are several rumors floating around related to the future WallE 2 movie, and we got some details about the film down below.

Apparently, there are 2 types of people, the ones who want to see the WallE2 and the ones who claim WallE was a perfect movie that does not require a sequel. Which team do you belong to?

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Wall-e 2

Wall-E and EVE

Wall-E and EVE

The only thing we have heard about WallE 2 is that it was supposed to be released, but it did not happen and we haven’t heard anything about WallE 2 in years. Everybody seems to be saying something different, but which one is true? Will there be a WallE 2? In general, if a movie is well-liked, the producers come back with a 2nd movie but some people do not like the idea of WallE 2.

The news of WallE 2 Revenge of the Autobot being in development was heard several years ago and later we learned the project was canceled by Pixar’s studio. If WallE 2 would be rescued by another producer, we are sure the 1st film’s plot would have been told differently and the movie would be released next year in 2023.



The reason for the movie’s cancelation might be the fact they started with the conception and production of the 3D sequel film even before they had complete screenwriting. And naturally, with many issues and objections, the movie has been canceled and the sad news was given to the viewers.

It has been more than 10 years since the 1st movie and there is still not a word about WallE 2.

Wall-e 2 Release Date

Wall-E and the Cockroach

Wall-E and the Cockroach, drawing

We haven’t gotten any updates or news on the WallE 2 which will tell a different aspect of this spectacular robotic tale. The most recent information on the film is that Pixar has officially terminated the production of WallE which was totally upsetting and even though we have waited years after that, nothing has changed. WallE was an amazing movie that could mix science, robotics, technology, and love, and literally everybody who has watched it liked it.

Also, we discovered that WallE 2 was originally scheduled to be released on June 17, 2022, but that was before the cancelation. If you still have any hope left, wait for June.

Even though there is a considerable possibility that the film will be re-produced, we think this will only happen if we take charge of the situation and do something. The first thing you can do to see the renewal of WallE is to find an internet petition for the sequel and sign it.

Wall-e 2 Revenge of the Auto

Wall-E in space

Wall-E in space

We did hear that WallE 2 would be called Revenge of the Autobots a few years ago and it was supposed to be a sequel film for the sci-fi movie, but as we mentioned before Pixar’s studio canceled the project. The film would have been a totally different tale as you can guess from the title if it hadn’t been canceled, and we would watch it this year in 2022.

It seems like everything, even the conception, and production of the movie was in the works, but due to some issues the sequel movie got canceled officially and it has been more than 10 years since the 1st one.

Considering the title, we are guessing that the sequel movie would be about WallE and EVE, and we guess they would already have some children or even a colony! We are also guessing there would be an Auto villain who would try to take revenge on these two innocent bots.

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