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Vikings Season 7 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Vikings Season 7 Release Date, Trailer
Vikings Season 7 Release Date, Trailer

Vikings Season 7 which is Michael Hirst’s show which he wrote and created is rumored to be released soon. Vikings is a historical drama and action-adventure show, and it started with the tales of Ragnar Lothbrok who is one of the legendary Vikings.

Vikings Season 7 is guessed to be shot in Ireland, and the 1st season aired in March 2013. If you are curious about European history and Vikings during the early Middle Ages, Vikings is the best show ever and Vikings Season 7 will surely follow the tradition to portray history as realistic as possible with a lot of drama and intrigue.



So far, we have watched 6 seasons, the last one being premiered in 2020, and there were rumors that Vikings Season 6 would be the end of the program while others claimed Vikings Season 7 was on the production stage. But which one is true? Will we be able to watch the 7th season of this amazing show and learn what will happen to Ragnar’s children? Let’s find out.

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Will there be Season 7 of Vikings?

King Bjorn

King Bjorn

Vikings is one of the most popular series ever released and that is because of the amazing storyline and accurate representation of history. The majority of the seasons are related to Ragnar Lothbrok and his friends and family, who is a feared scourge and a famous Norse hero.

We first met Ragnar as a farmer who was curious about the world and excited about the so-called England, which resulted in him being the King of his people. The tale of his sons later takes over in Season 4, and we watch their conquests and travels through Scandinavia, England, and the Mediterranean.

The majority of Vikings fans have previously asked us about the release date of Vikings Season 7 and we are very sad to announce that Vikings Season 7 will not happen any time soon. Vikings Season 6 was released in two parts to extend the time it was being broadcast, but it was obviously not enough, so the most often asked question among Vikings fans is when will Vikings Season 7 debut. It is very upsetting to hear that Vikings Season 7 has been canceled, and there will be no further Vikings seasons for us to watch.



According to rumors and many forums related to the show, Season 6 is undoubtedly the final season for the Vikings that concluded the tale of our heroes, but we and fans still have hope for Vikings Season 7, maybe the producers will surprise us in the future. For the time being, all we can do is wait for a release date.

We also have some good news because Netflix had a special plan for the fans of the show with a spin-off series called Valhalla. If you miss the show, definitely check out Vikings: Valhalla as soon as possible.

Vikings Season 7 Episodes

The Seer

The Seer

Vikings have finished releasing Season 6’s episodes which consisted of 20 episodes and were released in two parts. The 2nd half was released at the end of 2020. If Vikings Season 7 were to happen, we guess it would also have around 20 episodes. However, with no official release date, it will be difficult to predict what Season 7 will be about.

Also, according to rumors, Season 6 will be the final one, and we would be really shocked if Season 7 was produced. While waiting for the 7th season, you can watch the trailer for Season 6’s 2nd half below.

Vikings Season 7 Cast

If a 7th season was released, we would expect the key cast members from Season 6 to return for sure. Fans are always welcoming old and new faces into the show, so we would expect to see some fresh characters in Vikings’ Season 7.

We are highly expecting Katheryn Winnick to play Lagertha, Alexander Ludwig to play King Bjorn, Patrick Smith to portray Ubbe, and John Kavanagh to portray The Seer. Another character to be returned can be Hvitserk who was played by Marco Ilso.

We may also expect to see Alex Anderson again to portray Ivar the Boneless in the show, David Lindstrom to play Sigurd, and Ben Robson to play Kalf.

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  3. Isagani

    December 13, 2022 at 9:30 pm

    Please produce season 7 of Vikings, as we want to know what really happen to other Ragnar’s sons.

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