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SKY Castle Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is It Canceled?

SKY Castle Season 2 Release Date, Trailer - Is It Canceled?
SKY Castle Season 2 Release Date, Trailer - Is It Canceled?

SKY Castle is a very successful South Korean drama television series aired on JTBC between November 2018 and February 2019. The series follows the lives of elite housewives living in a luxurious residential area called SKY Castle in suburban Seoul. These women are ready to do anything, including destroying others’ lives, to ensure their families are thriving. The word SKY in the title is the acronym of the top universities in South Korea: Seoul University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. The wives in these elite families are determined to make their children go to the best universities in the country.

The show is one of the most popular drama shows in South Korea. When it was released, the series was the most-watched drama in the country. It currently has an 8.3 rating on IMDb, which can be considered pretty good for any series. Looking at the series’ success, it seems a 2nd season is a must. Let’s see, then, whether SKY Castle Season 2 is possible.

SKY Castle Season 2 Release Date

Sky Castle Season 2 Release Date

SKY Castle Season 2 Release Date

It’s been more than 3 years since the show’s end, but the creators haven’t said a word about the show’s future. So, it is not certain if the series will ever continue. That said, we are also hopeful because no word about a cancelation has been put out, which means there is still a chance for the series to come back.

The 1st table reading for Season 1 was done in August 2018, and only a few months after, the show’s 1st episode was released. This means if the show was to be renewed now, we could even see the new episodes in a few months, perhaps even before the end of 2022.

Is SKY Castle on Netflix?

Is Sky Castle on Netflix?

Is SKY Castle on Netflix?

All 20 episodes of SKY Castle are on Netflix in 37 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, Turkey, France, and many more.

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SKY Castle Season 1 Ending Explained

Sky Castle Season 1 Ending Explained

SKY Castle Season 1 Ending Explained

At the end of Season 1, Han Seo finally decided to do the right thing and went on to identify Kim Joo Young as the killer of Hye Na. But that also meant exposing her daughter Ye Soo who took stolen exam papers from Kim Joo Young. Han Seo also let Ye Soo drop out of school. Ye Soo, selfish and obsessed, decided to self-learn to enter a university.

Cha Min Hyuk finally realized that he had to let go of the Pyramid, and he came to accept that his wife was going through so much due to his obsession with the Pyramid and status. He also stopped imposing his ideas and values about education on his children.

After Han Seo’s confession, Kim Joo Young went to jail with Sue Lim to care for her daughter Kay. Sue Lim also published her anticipated book about SKY Castle.

Another character, Woo Joo, also dropped out of school and planned to go backpacking in Europe to clear his mind.

Overall, everyone had a happy ending at the end of Season 1 except Kim Joo Young, who deserved to be in jail forever. The remaining characters, the parents, in particular, decided that they shouldn’t be obsessive about their children’s education and shower them with love and compassion instead.

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