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Selling Sunset Spin-Off Release Date, Trailer – Does Jason Oppenheim Have A Show?

Selling Sunset Spin-Off Release Date, Trailer - Does Jason Oppenheim Have A Show?
Selling Sunset Spin-Off Release Date, Trailer - Does Jason Oppenheim Have A Show?

Since April 22, Selling Sunset’s 5th season has been on Netflix’s Global Top 10 list, once again proving that it is a global hit. This is why Netflix wanted to profit more from the concept of the series with the Selling Sunset spin-off Selling Tampa (2021- ), which didn’t turn out to be a big success as the new show stayed in the Top 10 for only 1 week. However, after Selling Sunset’s 4th season release in November 2021, there were a lot of serious talks about a new Selling Sunset spin-off, this time involving the Oppenheim Group (unlike Selling Tampa).

Here is everything we know about a new Selling Sunset spin-off series, followed by other details you may be wondering about the original show.

Will Selling Sunset have a spin-off? 

On November 8, 2021, none other than Jason Oppenheim shared a post on his Instagram account announcing the confirmation for a new spin-off series called Selling the OC, which will also appear on Netflix. Then we found out that the show is going to follow Oppenheim Group’s office in Newport Beach, California.

Then, on May 6, right when the reunion episode of Selling Sunset’s Season 5 was released on Netflix, the official teaser trailer for Selling the OC dropped on YouTube. Watch it below:

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t say when the new series is going to be released but we assume it will be with us before the fall since it seems the filming is already finished.

What else can we say about Selling the OC? Well, first of all, it seems that other than Jason Oppenheim, the agents from Selling Sunset are not going to be on this show. There is a tiny possibility of seeing Chrishell in the spin-off because she was dating Jason during the filming of the series but that’s also not certain at the moment. The trailer doesn’t give any clues about that either.

The new agents from the O Group’s Newport Beach Office that are going to be on the spin-off are as follows: Polly Brindle, Alex Hall, Alexandra Rose, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Lauren Brito, Sean Palmieri, Alexandra Jarvis, and Tyler Stanaland.

For now, we don’t have much information other than what the trailer presents: too much drama. One thing that scares us is that the show seems like it will be focusing more on the drama and conflict between the agents rather than selling houses. Hope we’re wrong.

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What is Brett Oppenheim doing now?

Brett Oppenheim

Brett Oppenheim

A rumor started in 2020 about Brett Oppenheim leaving the Oppenheim Group to start his brokerage which was confirmed by a Selling Sunset cast member, Christine Quinn. However, this was later denied by Jason who said that it was just speculation and that Christine was just trying to “fan those flames”. Jason spoke explicitly about Brett and said he is not leaving and that he is still a big part of the OG.

This did not turn out to be true as Brett Oppenheim went and founded his own real estate company called Oppenheim Real Estate. The fact that he is no longer a part of the O Group is further supported by the O Group’s website, which shows only Jason as the president of the brokerage. This does not mean that Brett is leaving the show Selling Sunset because he is still on it and he still works with Jason and the agents of the OG.

Is Selling Sunset reality or scripted?

Is Selling Sunset reality or scripted?

Is Selling Sunset reality or scripted?

Jason addressed the rumors about Selling Sunset being scripted and said that they spend months shooting just 1 season but the viewers only end up seeing a few hours of it. Of course, in those hours, Jason stated, you’re not going to be seeing realtors sitting on their desks in front of their computers because that would be boring. So, we only see moments that have a lot going on.

Another cast member, Chrishell also insisted on saying that the show is completely real. She only admitted that some of the events of the show are a bit amped up through editing to make it more dramatic.

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