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5 Shows Like Selling the OC – What to Watch If You Like Netflix’s Selling the OC?

5 Shows Like Selling the OC
5 Shows Like Selling the OC

Die-hard Selling Sunset fans were thrilled when it was announced that there would be a spin-off of the real estate reality show Selling the OC, which was released on Netflix on August 24, 2022. If you have already watched all 8 episodes of the show in one go and are looking for more reality shows like Selling the OC, you have come to the right place. Netflix has yet to make an announcement about Selling the OC Season 2, so it seems we still have plenty of time before a new season arrives. Therefore, here you will find 6 shows like Selling the OC, which you can watch until Season 2.

Selling the OC

Selling the OC

Starring Jason Oppenheim, the president of Oppenheim Group and a real estate broker, Selling the OC follows Oppenheim as he expands his business and opens a second office in Newport Beach. In addition to Oppenheim, the series stars Alexandra Jarvis, Tyler Stanaland and Polly Brindle, and it’s safe to say they are pretty fierce and ambitious. Without further ado, let’s dive into the content and check out the 6 shows like Selling the OC.

1. Selling Sunset

Shows Like Selling the OC - Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset

Like Selling the OC, Selling Sunset is all about the Oppenheim Group and Jason Oppenheim is in it too. In fact, Selling the OC is the second spin-off of Netflix’s Selling Universe. The series has 5 seasons and has already been renewed for 6th and 7th seasons. In 2021, the series was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program category. All 45 episodes of the series are available to stream on Netflix.

2. Property Brothers

Shows Like Selling the OC - Property Brothers

Property Brothers

Property Brothers is a Canadian reality show starring twin brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott and it is the original one in the Property Brothers franchise. Drew is a real estate expert who scouts out neglected houses and negotiates their purchase. His brother Jonathan, on the other hand, is a licensed contractor who then renovates the houses. Together, the Property Brothers help families find homes in need of renovation, buy them and turn them into dream homes on a tight schedule and budget. Property Brothers has 7 seasons and 173 episodes. You can watch the series on Amazon Prime Video.

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3. Selling LA

Shows Like Selling the OC - Selling LA

Selling LA

The third on our list of shows like Selling the OC is Selling LA. The show follows three Las Angeles real estate firms as they build a roster of millionaire clients, tour spectacular properties, and make their way through the competitive world of high-end real estate. Several prominent real estate agents have appeared on the show. Selling LA can be seen on Amazon Prime Video and HGTV.

4. Selling Tampa

Shows Like Selling the OC - Selling Tampa

Selling Tampa

Selling Tampa is one of the reality shows like Selling the OC, but differs from it in one way. It’s the first spin-off of Selling Universe. Selling Tampa features only female and black realtors who own Allure Realty. They mix business and fun while dominating Tampa’s hot luxury real estate market. The show stars Sharelle Rosado, Juawana Colbert and Tenille Moore. Selling Tampa first aired in 2021 and includes 8 episodes, all of which are available to watch on Netflix.

5. Real Estate Wars

Shows Like Selling the OC - Real Estate Wars

Real Estate Wars

Ready for a war? Real Estate Wars is the last, but not the least, show on our list of shows like Selling the OC. In this reality show, several ambitious real estate agents compete for turf in one of the most coveted real estate markets in the country, Orange County in Southern California. It stars Spyro Kemble, John McMonigle, Leo Goldschwartz, JoJo Romeo and others. There are 8 episodes in the series. You can watch Real Estate Wars on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

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