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PJ Masks Season 6 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

PJ Masks Season 6 Release Date, Trailer
PJ Masks Season 6 Release Date, Trailer

Is there a release date for PJ Masks Season 6 is the question all fans of the show are now asking because there has been a very long time since Season 5 arrived. We will reveal whether PJ Masks on Disney Channel is renewed or canceled, so you can learn about the current status of the long-awaited PJ Masks Season 6.

Season 5 of PJ Masks was released on August 13, 2021, and it has been nearly a year since then. We were accustomed to seeing new episodes every year, and we guess the time for the release of PJ Masks Season 6 might be approaching.

PJ Masks is an animated series based on Romuald Racioppo’s picture book series Les Pyjamasques, and kids just love this show as it follows the nighttime adventures of 3 young friends and their superhero alter egos. They all have nicknames, and they try to save the day like true superheroes.



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PJ Masks is a Disney Channel animation action, adventure, and children’s TV program that has been adored by many young ones and adults, and the program premiered on September 18, 2015, and presented us with 5 amazing seasons.

If you or your children have been enjoying PJ Masks thanks to its wonderful cast and the episodes of the seasons, you may be wondering if the series will have a Season 6. You might also be wondering if the show has been canceled, which we will talk about in a bit.

PJ Masks Season 6 Release Date

Luna Girl

Luna Girl

Connor, Greg, and Amaya are regular kids during the day, but at night they activate their wristbands and get into the adventure time. Their bands connect to their pajamas and grant them extraordinary superpowers, transforming them into their alter egos as they engage in adventures, solve mysteries, and learn vital lessons together.

The cast of the show is Jacob Ewaniuk, Kyle Breitkopf, Addison Holley, and Jacob Soley, who voice Conner, Greg, Amaya, and Night Ninja. The previous season was certainly heated, and we just could not get enough of it. PJ Masks Season 6 will undoubtedly address the issues Season 5 left unsolved.

While you wait for PJ Masks Season 6, you can watch the official trailer of the show down below.

If you want to watch the previous seasons while waiting for PJ Masks Season 6, this series is available on following popular platforms such as Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Netflix, Netflix Kids, Google Play Movies, Disney Plus, Virgin TV Go, and Microsoft Store.

We think PJ Masks Season 6’s release date will be announced shortly, and when they confirm the release, we think it will be available on Netflix for you and the kids to enjoy. We encourage you to keep a careful eye on our news section because we will reveal the release date as soon as it is out.

In Season 5, there appear to be no signs of a clear finish, so we will definitely see a PJ Masks Season 6. It will probably continue to capitalize on the series with further episodes, related items, or perhaps developing a movie.

What does the PJ stand for in PJ Masks?

PJ Masks characters

PJ Masks characters

PJ Masks means Pyjamasques in French, and it stands for pajama masks. So, PJ means pajama in this case. PJ Masks is a computer-animated superhero children’s television series created by Frog Box and it is based on Romuald Racioppo’s book series Les Pyjamasques. It is shown internationally on Disney Junior channels.

What is PJ mask real name?

Gekko’s actual name is Greg, and he is one of PJ Masks’ three primary characters. He is the PJ Masks’ youngest member, his mode of transportation is the Gekko-mobile (pre-Season 5) or Power Lizard.

Yoyo’s actual name is Sacha, and he is the main character in the Pyjamasques series of books. His mode of transportation is the Chat-Bolide.

Bibou’s actual name is Amaya and is the second main protagonist of the show. She is also known as Bubo-Hibou or Bubo-Owl. She is the only female member of the gang who can fly, and her mode of transportation is the Astro-Bibou.

Who is the youngest villain in PJ Masks?



In the PJ Masks television series, Romeo is the main adversary. He is a malevolent young mad scientist and child genius who aims to conquer the world using robots and inventions. He wants to make the world love him. Romeo is extraordinarily brilliant for his age, but he is unhappy, so he tries to forget his unhappiness with other stuff.

He fails to perceive the fundamental contrast between knowledge and wisdom, and he is particularly arrogant about his brilliance. Like many villains, he also wants to conquer the world for evil.

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