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Netflix Rebelde Cast – Ages, Partners, Characters

Netflix Rebelde Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters
Netflix Rebelde Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters

Santiago Limón is the director of the Spanish-language Mexican adolescent drama tv show Rebelde. It is the sixth version to be created globally and is a follow-up to the Mexican telenovela Rebelde from 2004.

Rebelde follows a group of students throughout eight episodes as they compete to win EWS’ Battle of the Bands. This crucial musical competition would help them flourish at the start of their musical careers. Along the journey, they develop a relationship and a friendship.

Rebelde never runs out of drama or melody. The 2nd season of Netflix will debut on July 27.

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Which actors will Rebelde thus continue within the 2nd season?

Azul Guaita

Azul Guaita Bracamontes, a Mexican actress, was born in Mexico City on July 21, 2001. She is most known for playing Yolotl in the 2018 film My husband has a family, Camila Paz in the 2019 film Single with daughters, and Jana Cohen in the 2017 film Rebel (2022).

With songs like “No soy,” “Corre,” the well-known RBD anthems “Rebelde,” and “Salvame,” and collaborations with Alejandro Puente, Azul has honed her vocal abilities to be a part of the Rebelde soundtrack.

Azul Guaita - Rebelde

Azul Guaita – Rebelde

Sergio Mayer Mori

Sergio Mayer Mori is a well-known Mexican actor, social media influencer, television personality, musician, and entrepreneur from Mexico City. In the Mexican film business, he is renowned for his acting abilities. According to IMDB, Sergio has participated in various movies and television shows.

In 2015, he released his debut film, Against the Wind. Aside from that, he is a gifted vocalist. Sergio also released his song, Green Eyes. Aside from that, he is a fashion model who has been in several magazines.

Sergio Mayer Mori - Rebelde

Sergio Mayer Mori – Rebelde

Lizeth Selene

Lizeth Selene, an accomplished Mexican actress, singer, musician, model, and social media personality from Acapulco, Mexico, was born on February 7, 1999. After joining the cast of the Netflix original series “Rebelde,” which debuted on the service on January 5, 2022, this star achieved global renown.

In addition, Lizeth enjoys a large following on Instagram, where she frequently writes about her everyday activities. More than 333,000 people follow her. To learn more about Selene’s wiki, biography, parents, ethnicity, net worth, boyfriend, age, height, etc., scroll down this page.

Lizeth Selene - Rebelde

Lizeth Selene – Rebelde

Giovanna Grigio

Giovanna Grigio, a Brazilian actress, singer, and presenter, was born in Maua on January 19, 1998. She made her television debut as a kid’s reporter on the show O Melhor do Brasil, in charge of “Galerinha.” Still, she rose to fame in 2013 after starring in the Chiquititas adaptation. Her notoriety increased in 2022 when she joined the cast of the Netflix series Rebelde.

Giovanna Grigio - Rebelde

Giovanna Grigio – Rebelde

Alejandro Puente

Mexican actor, writer, and short film director Alejandro Puente. His portrayal of Todd Anderson in Alfonso Herrera’s The Society of Dead Poets stage adaption in Mexico is what made him famous in his own country. Despite the fact that he had already made his television debut in the Herrera-starring series El Dandy.

He studied under renowned filmmaker and screenwriter Darren Aronofsky in New York, United States. In the Netflix series The Club, Santiago, a gay adolescent, played a crucial part for him.

Alejandro Puente - Rebelde

Alejandro Puente – Rebelde

Andrea Chaparro

Due to the renown of her father, Andrea Chaparro, an Instagram celebrity who was born on January 16, 2002, has garnered a lot of attention from followers. She is American, and her father is a well-known Mexican artist who has been in several movies and television programs. Andrea, who is only 19 years old, recently had her acting debut and completed a few roles. She was allowed to work as a fashion model for many magazine assignments because of her striking appearance and charm. She is now advancing her career quickly and receiving several offers from various producers and directors.

Andrea Chaparro - Rebelde

Andrea Chaparro – Rebelde

Franco Masini

Franco Masini, a well-known Argentine actor, singer, musician, and social media celebrity, was born on May 22, 1994, in the province of Buenos Aires. His credits include Peter Punk, Seales of the End of the World, My Lovely Hope, Cuéntame Como Pasó, Riviera, and several others.

Franco Masini portrays Luka Colucci in Rebelde (TV Series). After appearing on January 5, 2022, premiere of the Netflix series Rebelde, this character rose to international fame. In this comedy-drama series, Franco had the opportunity to play Luka Colucci, one of the central characters.

Franco Masini - Rebelde

Franco Masini – Rebelde

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