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Jeen-yuhs Kanye West Netflix Documentary – Is it a Real Story?

Jeen-yuhs Kanye West Documentary- Is It A Real Story?
Jeen-yuhs Kanye West Documentary- Is It A Real Story?

The first episode of the three-chapter Kanye West documentary, Jeen-yuhs premiered on Netflix on February 16, after debuting in the Sundance Film Festival at the end of January. The second episode was released on the 23rd of February, the third- and the last one- will be available on Netflix on March 2.

Many Kanye – well, legally Ye- fans around the world, at least the remaining ones, got really excited to watch such an unprecedented documentary about the rapper/producer’s life. The documentary is valuable in that the footage was taken by Clarence “Coodie” Simmons, who has been one of Kanye’s best friends for the last 20 years; and, directed by Chike Ozah. The pair had also directed Kanye’s breakthrough music video “Through the Wire.” The fact that the documentary was made by these two- who have been with Kanye since the beginning- makes it more genuine and special.

Let us see what the documentary is actually about and question whether it is based on real stories or not.

What is Netflix’s Jeen-yuhs about?

Jeen-yuhs Kanye West

Jeen-yuhs Kanye West

The first episode of the documentary follows Kanye’s rise to stardom and we are supposed to resonate with him while he is struggling to be taken seriously not just as a producer but also as a rapper. We know it is hard to resonate with Kanye after everything he did over the last couple of years (from his infamous phrase: Slavery was a choice, to posting his private messages with Kim Kardashian after their divorce; and from threatening to not perform on Coachella unless Billie Eilish apologizes from Travis Scott, to his work together with accused rapist Marilyn Manson.)

The documentary touches on none of these moments so it is still irresistible to not root for the old version of Kanye.

The first episode focuses on Kanye in 2001 and 2002 after getting a Grammy nomination as a producer for Jay Z. We see Kanye hanging out around the office of hip-hop label Rock-A-Fella, hoping to get someone to hear his rapping abilities. Throughout the first episode, then, we see Kanye striving out to be recognized before he puts out his debut album.

After his debut album, The College Dropout, Coodie is not in Kanye’s life anymore. So, until 2017, the footage in the documentary is all bits and pieces. They fast-forward that period in the second episode. And after 2017, Kanye invited Coodie back into his life and we witness some sad and awkward moments of Kanye’s life until the release of Donda last year. He talks about Trump, god, his mental health and while these happen we never see his wife, Kim and his children.

Will there be a Jeen-yuhs Season 2?

The documentary, which defined itself as a “three-week global event,” was planned as a trilogy, and its 2 episodes are already on Netflix. The next (and the last) episode will be available on Netflix on March 2. The creators of the documentary have not announced a season 2 since it was only planned as a 3-episode film. We do not think there will be a continuation since many critics who watched all three episodes say that episode 3 brings the documentary to a conclusion.

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Is Jeen-yuhs a real story?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Jeen-yuhs is based on a real story as the footage from Kanye’s life is real, however, the documentary excludes some important moments of Kanye’s life as much as it includes certain parts of it. For example, we never see Kanye’s marriage with Kim Kardashian, his public complicacy with Taylor Swift, or him working on his major studio albums like Graduation, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, or Yeezus (probably because Coodie was not in Kanye’s life at that time).

Also, at certain moments in the documentary, the directors turn the cameras away or cut the scenes. This prevents the audience to get the full story so we cannot say that the documentary is objective though it is based on Kanye’s real life.

What are the best Kanye West albums?
Kanye West Albums

Kanye West Albums

For most of the music critics and music websites, Kanye’s best album is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, released in 2010. Earning the Grammy award for Best Rap Album, MBDTF includes Kanye’s best songs like the infamous Runaway, and Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj duet Monster.

The second best album of Kanye according to critics and fans, is Graduation, released in 2007. This album also won the Best Rap Album in the Grammys and includes the best examples of Kanye’s production and rapping abilities. For a list of Kanye’s best albums ranked from worst to best, you can visit here.

You can listen to Kanye’s albums on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and many other platforms.

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