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Background of The Heartland Series – Who Created Heartland?

Heartland Background
Heartland Background

Heartland series has been in our lives for the past 15 years. The show is following a family living in the countryside of Alberta, Canada. For the most part, they are a regular rancher family with a regular life. To be honest, at the first glance, nothing is interesting about neither the Bartletts nor the Flemings.

And yet, still, we cannot stop watching them. We believe the reason why is the fact that they are truly regular people. We are easily resonating with them. We find their stories highly relatable and we love to watch them go through their regular daily stuff. Sometimes, they just do their job and we watch it as if it is the most entertaining thing in the world.

Especially as far as the emotional traumas are concerned, the Heartland series provides a great set of characters that all of us can stand by. Most of the Heartland characters are highly intelligent emotionally and thus often very successful at self-reflecting their experiences. Whenever they feel sad, angry, or even extraordinarily happy, they sit down and think about it to determine why they feel this way.

Heartland Season 15 Episode 8 - "Brand New Day"

Heartland Season 15 Episode 8 – “Brand New Day”

Differences Between Heartland and Other TV Shows

This is refreshing to see because there are only a few characters on TV shows who care about their feelings enough to think about them. For the most part, the other shows just jump from one exciting scene to another without ever stopping for a second and thinking about what they just have gone through. In other words, we see the Heartland series as a saving grace in the pool of millions of random TV shows that disregard the human experience.

Since the show is highly self-aware as far as being human and having all sorts of feelings are concerned, many fans assume that the show is based on a true story with a true set of characters. Otherwise, fans assume, the show wouldn’t have been able to portray such complex feelings in such detail and accuracy. Unfortunately, though, the fans were wrong.

Heartland Season 15 Cast

Heartland Season 15 Cast

Is Heartland Series Real?

There is nothing we would want more than having all the Heartland characters in real life, as they were all amazing people. However, they are all fictional characters with no real-life counterparts. Heartland series is adapted from the book series of the author Lauren Brooke.

The series premiered back in 2000 and so far, it has 26 books. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Well, to be honest, we are not surprised to see that these books are such a hit since they created some of the most influential characters in Canadian TV history. Unfortunately, outside of Canada, the books are not very present. Therefore, the introduction of the Heartland characters to the world has become through the TV show.

Heartland Amy

Heartland Amy

Are Heartland Characters Based on Real People?

We are not sure where Brooke got her inspiration from while writing the books. However, she is a great observant who gets human nature perfectly and has the gift to put those observations onto paper. Even though it breaks our hearts to know there are no heartland characters in real life, we are grateful for Brooke’s books so that we finally have a set of characters who get us on the TV screen. 

Do you wish for Heartland characters to be real personalities? Which Heartland series character would be your best friend in real life? Did you read Lauren Brooke’s books or are you the fans of the show alone? Do you think the real life in Alberta is similar to the one in Heartland?

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