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Heartland Season 14 Episode 3 Recap: Making Amends

Heartland Season 14 Episode 3 Recap: Making Amends

We are here with the Heartland Season 14 Episode 3 recap. I hope you enjoyed this series of reviews. Because we’re very happy with what we’re telling you. Now let’s see what happened in the third episode of it without wasting time if you are ready to learn.

Unforeseeable Guest Lily

Heartland Season 14 Episode 3

Lily and Amy- Horse Riding

In the first minutes of the Heartland season 14 episode 3, we saw Ty’s Mother Lily, and she was an unexpected guest. Amy was cold to her because she didn’t even come to her son’s funeral. She had to explain to her daughter why Ty didn’t come back and why her grandmother didn’t come, and it upset her.

A few minutes after Lily’s arrival, a new horse had arrived for Amy to Heartland, and the owner of this horse was Ty’s stepfather. How interesting! Although Amy thought Lily and Wade were planning the job, Lily argued the opposite. Seeing that the horse was troubled, Amy decided to work with Howler anyway.

The cause of the horse’s distress was later emerged. Howler was pretty scared of any obstacles that came his way. Amy researched this horse online to find out what caused it. Six weeks earlier, Howler had been injured in a race and one of the horses racing alongside him had died by hitting a railing. That explains why Howler was so scared. Amy knew what to do. We saw this in the following minutes.

Lily’s Making Amends


Amy- Heartland Season 14 Episode 3

In another scene, we saw Lily and Amy. Lily decided to explain why she didn’t come to Ty’s funeral and not overcome the pain with them. She was hospitalized from a high dose and sent to rehab. Although Amy agrees with her after these words, she had hesitations about forgiving her.

She expressed it in the following words: “I need you to understand what I went through here. Because I was the one who had to explain to my daughter that not only was her daddy not coming home but her nana was gone too. And I don’t know if I can forgive you for that.” We had understood that she was confused.

Amy Helps Howler

Helping Howler

Amy Helps Howler

Moreover, although Amy told Wade that Howler wasn’t ready to race, Wade got him into the race. Howler won this race, but Amy couldn’t even be happy that he won because things were done against what she said. And the truth came out. Lily offered to give Amy the money earned from this race as an apology. That was unacceptable to Amy. She told her to go away. Because she was so offended by her.

Lily said to her: “I didn’t choose to be away from you, Amy. I came here to tell you that I had no choice. None. You said you’d figure out what was wrong with Howler. Well, guess what, the horse needed help to get over his trauma. He needed help from you, from a specialist. Well, so did I. I lost my son and I needed help. Why can’t you understand that need in people when you can see it so well in horses.”

It was the final scene of the episode. But there were other stories in this episode besides the subject of Lily. Now, if you’re ready, let’s take a look at them.

Lou’s Pain In Becoming Hudson’s New Mayor

One of those issues was Lou’s pain in becoming Hudson’s new mayor. Although things seemed to be getting better at the end of the second episode, we found that in this episode it wasn’t really. Because it was an episode full of Lou’s mistakes.

Lou And Chad

Lou And Chad

Lou invited Chad, a travel blogger, to enjoy the weekend for Hudson’s fame. But trying to ease his older sister’s pain and become mayor was already pretty hard. In addition, organizing a weekend with Chad made it very difficult. She needed help. So she asked her to change her plans for the weekend. So Jen could help Lou with the horse farm where she and Chad would stay. She needed help. So she asked her to change her plans for the weekend in the Heartland season 14 episode 3.

So Jen could help Lou with the horse farm where she and Chad would stay. But that plan didn’t sit well with Jen because she had other plans like going to Vancouver with Peter. Things were getting harder now for Lou. Jen had to accept Lou’s request and refuse Peter. That got Peter to finish off with her. Their relationship was a pity. Because this sacrifice Jen made did not work.

The Hudson Times newspaper wrote of Lou’s attempts to glorify the city of Hudson by replacing Bartlett-Fleming with putting his family first since most of his income came from tourism-related businesses. So Lou was a bad person again for the people.

Be Thoughtful

At the end of the Heartland season 14 episode 3, we witnessed Lou and Peter talking. Lou said: “Lately I feel like I’m failing at literally everything, not just being mayor. But the important stuff like being a good sister to any. Actually being brave enough to deal with losing Ty. I lost a friend. I lost a brother. And I feel like I can’t admit it to myself, you know. Because if I do then it’s like I’ll never be able to be happy again. I want to be happy again.”

During this conversation, we realized that Lou and Mitch were married. This was surprising. Let’s see what we can tell you later. Wait with curiosity and see what happens.

As for another topic of Heartland season 14 episode 3, Lou and Amy didn’t get along very well as you saw. Amy caught Lou talking about Wade accepting his horse. And then Amy got mad at Lou because of the news in the newspaper. Amy’s real anger was that Lou didn’t give her time. After Amy asked Lou a question about Lily, she was very angry that she stopped talking. From here, we understand that Amy’s anger was not just because she couldn’t devote time to her, but because of this conversation. Of course, another reason for her anger was Lily.

Jack and Amy

Jack and Amy

Fortunately, Jack was there to comfort Amy with the words he said. He told Amy that what Lily deserved was Amy’s compassion, not anger. She had to have some understanding with her because Lily’s condition was worse than she thought. Jack made her understand these things, and he continued with the following words: “I’ve seen that plenty before. I saw it with my dad and with Tim. It’s a disease, Amy. And it deserves a little more understanding than anger. It took me a lot of years to figure that out. ” Those words were like healing for Amy.

Jack On The Roof
Jack On The Roof

Jack On The Roof

Another issue in the Heartland season 14 episode 3 was that Parker tried to convince Jack to make some environmentally friendly changes to the ranch. But Jack wasn’t happy about it. Parker tried showing Jack her research about solar panels and all the benefits they could provide but Jack did not want to see them. Lisa was there at the time, and since she approved of these ideas, Jack had to listen to Parker. As Jack and Parker tried to get it done, they had a problem with the measurements.

Parker tried to calm him down by hiding behind her being a child. And she disappeared, saying she had to take Mikey for a walk. Also, Jack was climbing up to look at the top of the roof. It was a harbinger of a fire. In the following sections, we will have explanations on this issue. Keep reading this summary series.

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