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Heartland Facts – Things You Didn’t Know About Heartland

Heartland Facts - Things You Didn’t Know About Heartland
Heartland Facts - Things You Didn’t Know About Heartland

Up for some fun Heartland facts? First of all, could you ever expect the show to survive this long with 15 seasons when Heartland initially aired on October 14, 2007? As the first fun Heartland fact, the program has earned the title of being the longest-running one-hour drama series on Canadian television with an exceptional storyline and cozy atmosphere. It is one of the most popular shows to enjoy if you cannot find anything to watch these days, and millions of horse enthusiasts all over the world tune in to watch it.

If you are reading this now to learn some fun Heartland facts, you must have some basic information related to the show; for instance, the fact that the generational family drama is based on Lauren Brooke’s novel series. If you want to watch some family drama that also involves troubled horses and talented horse whisperers, you should definitely put this one on your list.

We think that it will be fun to go over some fun Heartland facts and trivia regarding everyone’s favorite horse TV program.

Differences Between Heartland Books and TV Show

Heartland books

Heartland books

The fun part for Heartland facts begins with the differences between the books and the show. For starters, the setting of the novel and the show are different with regard to the fact that the events in the novel take place 200 miles south of Virginia, in the United States, rather than in Canada.

Another fun Heartland fact is that Ty comes to the ranch to spend time after school in the book, but in the show, Marion employed him because he required assistance around the ranch. Ty seems like a bad boy at the beginning of the show, but in the book, you cannot imagine him being rebellious.

For a detailed article on the differences between Heartland books and TV shows, check below:

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Does the cast of Heartland get along?

Ty and Amy

Ty and Amy

The actors of Heartland get along just like how they are on the screen, but the most famous example of Heartland actors who have a special bond is probably Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle.

Amber Marshall talks about that one time when she received a phone call around two years ago from Graham Wardle. He had some unexpected, and slightly disturbing, news from his co-star, saying that he was getting ready to leave the show.

“He wanted to let me know before he informed anyone else,” Marshall claimed in a late-week interview. “He and I have a really tight connection; we’ve been great friends for many years, since when the program first aired and I was in pain when he told me he was going to quit.”

Heartland Fun Facts

Maggie's Diner

Maggie’s Diner

Time for more fun Heartland facts! Did you know that Maggie’s Diner, Tack, and Feed’s set is located on 3rd Avenue in High River, Alberta, and an actual place where you can go get some food? High River is the place that serves as the fictional city of Hudson in the program, and it is actually very close to Calgary.

Another fun Heartland fact is, while Maggie’s is not a running diner, fans are welcome to come in and peek through the windows at any time.

Did you know that the Legendary Wrangler John Scott owns the majority of the Heartland horses that you see in the show? If there is a problem with the horses, Heartland’s chief wrangler, John Scott would be there to solve it. Not only that, but he also provides horses, livestock, equipment, and some of the filming sites for the show, and it looks like the show would not be able to continue this long without him.

One and last Heartland fact is that Stormy has been the Spartan since the beginning of the show. Stormy, the black Quarter Horse horse that gives life to the Spartan on Heartland, has been the Spartan’s major “equine actor” throughout the whole series.

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