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Fanatico Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Fanatico Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
Fanatico Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

Fanatico Season 2, The Spanish series’ 2nd season, which is on the perils of stardom and celebrity love, might be on the way. The show featured just 5 episodes that lasted less than 20 minutes, and still, it is considered one of the exemplary shows. Short series are frequently great for bingeing, and Netflix’s Fanático is no exception as the Spanish-language series consists of 5 episodes.

Even more, the tale works nicely with the TV medium since it is essentially a long film sliced into bits, and the story depicts a fan, Lázaro, who attends a concert by a famous musician named Quimera and sees the rapper’s death: later Lázaro plans to replace the rapper and convince people that he is still alive by taking advantage. However, after some time in the celebrity world, he finds that it is actually not as fun as he imagined.

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Fanatico Season 2 Release Date



It seems unlikely that Netflix will confirm a 2nd season so soon after the 1st one was released, and considering that on July 29, 2022, the 1st season was released, it is still too early to talk about Fanatico Season 2. Before moving through with Fanatico Season 2, Netflix will ensure that the show is earning the necessary ratings, and unfortunately, there is no word about a 2nd season from the streaming service.

In the 1st season, we watch the protagonist living the life of a dead man as he believes he has made it as a rapper, carrying on the legacy. He didn’t get there because of his exceptional talent, and we understood that it was the cheap similarity that brought him there, and Quimera’s life becomes tough since he must preserve the art. Fanatico Season 2 might focus on how the initial euphoria of becoming a superstar is insufficient to sustain the grind, and it might also explore how he deals with his family.

While waiting for Fanatico Season 2, we strongly advise you to watch the 1st season’s trailer.

What is Fanatico About?

Following his new idol’s death, an adoring follower begins taking his place because he looks very alike to him, and this is a short synopsis of the 1st season. A trailer or print marketing can sometimes get viewers to watch the 1st episode, and the fast-paced Netflix Fanático piqued many viewers’ curiosity.

In this series, the notion of imitation is tedious and overused, however, the main actor, Ferro, does an excellent job of being convincing and committed. He has a lot to work with, but the series has an excellent conversation, with colorful and fast cuts, so this should appeal to millennials. But, despite all of the re-writing, casting jobs, try-outs, cutting, editing, and re-editing, a movie or a three-part series would have sufficed for this show.

from Fanatico Season 1

from Fanatico Season 1

People may be more interested in something more solid to watch after the 2nd episode, as many claimed that this series might have been converted into a film and it would have made no difference. A series’ requirement is to explore with deeper ideas and background, but fans suppose the writers’ room couldn’t come up with anything more profound.

Many critics said that it’s a show that could’ve been better, the characters could have been more memorable, and they would have rather that the main character be more interesting. Some even went to say there’s nothing novel or fascinating about the way it’s shot; it’s just the regular Netflix technique, and the colors, music, and set design were all great. If you want to pass some time, Fanatico might be a great show to watch.

Fanatico Netflix Cast

Fanatico poster

Fanatico poster

Fanatico’s cast will most likely return for Fanatico Season 2. Lorenzo Ferro, Dollar Selmouni, Carlota Urdiales, Fernando Valdivielso, and Eva Almeida are featured in the new Netflix show and expect to see them in the 2nd season.

Lorenzo Ferro is slated to resume his role as Lázaro for Fanatico Season 2, so he will be the show’s protagonist. Fernando Valdivielso, Eva Llorach, Carlota Urdiales, Dollar Selmouni, and Eva Almeida are likely to return as supporting characters for Fanatico Season 2. As Lázaro’s universe develops, it’s probable that some new cast members may make their debut, but only Fanatico Season 2 will reveal if they will join in as allies or snakes because Netflix has made no announcements as of yet. The show, however, should not take too long to make because there are just 5 episodes, so it should be ready within a year after the next season’s announcement.

Being a public figure, particularly a celebrity/artist, is difficult, and in a short time, the admirer is confronted with the reality of fame’s high cost in Fanatico. Will he be able to escape or will he be trapped? Let’s wait for the 2nd season to find out.

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