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Echoes Cast – Ages, Partners, Characters

Echoes Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters
Echoes Cast

The highly anticipated drama series Echoes has been on Netflix since August 19, 2022, and we couldn’t help but binge-watch it. Not only did the original and captivating story kept us glued to our seats, but the outstanding performances of Echoes cast also caught our attention. Therefore, in this article, we are going to take a closer look at the Echoes cast and get to know the actors and actresses better. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Michelle Monaghan

Echoes Cast - Michelle Monaghan as Leni and Gina

Michelle Monaghan as Leni and Gina

Michelle Monaghan is a 46-year-old American actress who is in the role of identical twins Leni and Gina in the Echoes cast, who have secretly swapped lives since childhood and now as adults live a double life, sharing two houses, two husbands and one child. Famously known for her roles in the Mission: Impossible film series, the actress catapulted her career to the top with leading roles in films such as Gone Baby Gone, Source Code and Patriots Day. Monaghan also starred as Maggie Hart in the first season of the anthology crime series True Detective, for which she received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Monaghan is married to Australian graphic designer Peter White. The couple has two children, a daughter and a son.

Matt Bomer

Echoes Cast - Matt Bomer as Jack Beck

Matt Bomer as Jack Beck

The 44-year-old American actor and producer Matt Bomer plays Jack Beck in the miniseries Echoes. The multi-award winning actor made his feature film debut with the action film Flightplan, starring Jodie Foster. He’s subsequently starred in numerous films such as Magic Mike, In Time and The Nice Guys, to name a few. He won a Golden Globe Award and received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for playing a closeted New York Times writer in the drama television film The Normal Heart about the rise of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City.

Bomer has been married to publicist Simon Halls since 2011. The actor came out as gay in 2012 and the marriage didn’t become public until 2014. The couple has three children conceived through surrogacy.

Daniel Sunjata

Echoes Cast - Daniel Sunjata as Charlie Davenport

Daniel Sunjata as Charlie Davenport

Daniel Sunjata is a 50-year-old actor who’s part of the Echoes cast with his role as Charlie Davenport. Although he’s best known for his role as Franco Rivera in the FX TV series Rescue Me, Sunjata has a diverse filmography, ranging from TV series to movies and stage appearances. He has appeared in well-known films such as The Devil Wears Prada, Melinda and Melinda and The Dark Knight Rises. He was also part of the main cast of series such as, D.C., Graceland and The Bronx is Burning.

According to reports, the talented actor isn’t currently involved in a romantic relationship.

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Rosanny Zayas

Echoes Cast - Rosanny Zayas as Deputy Paula Martinez

Rosanny Zayas as Deputy Paula Martinez

Rosanny Zayas is a 32-year-old actress who plays Deputy Paula Martinez in Echoes. She’s best known for her role as Sophie Suarez in the TV series The L Word: Generation Q. However, she has also starred in other TV series such as Orange is the New Black, The Code and Elementary. Among the movies she has starred in are Modern Persuasion and Otherhood.

Rosanny prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. Therefore, we don’t know much about the actress’ love life.

Gable Swanlund

Echoes Cast - Gable Swanlund as Mathilda Beck

Gable Swanlund as Mathilda Beck

Gable Swanlund, who is in the Echoes cast with her role as Mathilda “Mattie” Beck, is a teen actress who has previously appeared in TV series such as Modern Family, Never Have I Ever and The Shrink Next Door. She made her acting debut in 2018 with the feature film Armed, and it looks like we’ll be seeing the up-and-coming actress on the big screen more and more.

Since she’s too young, we believe that Gable isn’t involved in a romantic relationship as of 2022.

Ali Stroker

Echoes Cast - Ali Stroker as Claudia

Ali Stroker as Claudia

Ali Stroker is a 35-year-old actress who plays Claudia in Echoes. The talented actress is the first wheelchair-using actor to appear on a Broadway stage, and also the first to be nominated for and win a Tony Award. She’s appeared in The Glee Project, Ozark and Faking It.

Stroker and her brother were in a car accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury that left Ali paralyzed from the waist down at age 2. She is married to theater director and actor David Perlow.

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