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Devil in Ohio Cast – Ages, Partners, Characters

Devil in Ohio Cast - Ages, Partners, Characters
Devil in Ohio Cast

The suspenseful thriller miniseries Devil in Ohio premiered on Netflix on September 2, 2022 with its 8 episodes. Not only did the series’ gripping storyline captivate us, but Devil in Ohio cast also caught our attention immediately after binge-watching the series. The Netflix series stars several outstanding actors, from Emily Deschanel to Alisha Newton, the popular actress of Heartland. Therefore, in this article we’ll take a closer look at Devil in Ohio cast.

As for the plot of Devil in Ohio, the series follows a psychiatrist who shelters a mysterious cult escapee. However, her life is turned upside down when the girl’s arrival threatens to tear her own family apart. The story of the series is based on the book of the same name by Daria Polatin. Without much ado, let’s get right to the details of Devil in Ohio cast.

Emily Deschanel

Devil in Ohio Cast - Emily Deschanel as Dr. Suzanne Mathis

Emily Deschanel as Dr. Suzanne Mathis

Emily Deschanel is a 45-year-old actress who plays Dr. Suzanne Mathis, the psychiatrist that houses a mysterious cult escapee. She’s best known for her role as Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan in the crime series Bones. The actress made her acting debut with the feature film It Could Happen to You and has appeared in several films such as Cold Mountain, Glory Road and The Perfect Family.

Emily is the sister of the famous actress Zooey Deschanel. She married actor David Hornsby, known for his role as Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in 2010. The couple has two sons.

Xaria Dotson

Devil in Ohio Cast - Xaria Dotson as Jules

Xaria Dotson as Jules

Xaria Dotson is a 23-year-old actress who is in Devil in Ohio cast with her role as Jules, the 15-year-old daughter of Suzanne. The actress made her TV appearance with the series American Vandal in 2018 and has since starred in Chad and The Birch.

According to reports, Xaria isn’t currently dating anyone.

Madeleine Arthur

Devil in Ohio Cast - Madeleine Arthur as Mae

Madeleine Arthur as Mae

The 25-year-old Canadian actress Madeleine Arthur is part of Devil in Ohio with her role as Mae, a level-headed and stoic teenager whose identity is as mysterious as she’s. The actress has starred in TV series such as The Tomorrow People, Supernatural, Snowpiercer and The Magicians. However, her breakthrough came with her role as young Willa Warren in the series The Family. Among the films in which Arthur starred are Tim Burton’s biographical film Big Eyes and the film series To All the Boys.

According to reports, Madeleine is now single.

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Naomi Tan

Devil in Ohio Cast - Naomi Tan as Dani

Naomi Tan as Dani

Naomi Tan is a teen actress who plays the role of Dani in Devil in Ohio. The aspiring actress made her acting debut with the TV movie Nightmare Time and has since starred in several TV series such as Scout & the Gumboot Kids, Chip and Potato and Sweet Tweets.

We believe Naomi isn’t in a romantic relationship as she’s still too young.

Alisha Newton

Devil in Ohio Cast - Alisha Newton as Helen

Alisha Newton as Helen

Alisha Newton is a 21-year-old actress who plays Helen in Devil in Ohio. The talented actress is best known to the general public for her role as Georgie Fleming in the Canadian series Heartland, for which she won several awards. Newton also starred in such films as Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Scorched Earth and We’re All in This Together.

It seems that Newton prefers to keep her private life under wraps. That’s why we don’t have any reliable information about her relationship status.

Gerardo Celasco

Devil in Ohio Cast - Gerardo Celasco as Detective Lopez

Gerardo Celasco as Detective Lopez

The 40-year-old Salvadoran actor Gerardo Celasco, also known as Adrian Bellani, can be seen with his role as Detective Lopez in Devil in Ohio cast. The actor debuted on TV with his role as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald in the long-running series Passions and has starred in numerous TV series such as How to Get Away with Murder, Swimming with Sharks and Next. He also starred in the Brad Pitt film Moneyball, which premiered in 2011.

Celasco is married to Jennifer Morrison, Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time. The couple has been together since 2019 and confirmed in April 2022 that they had married.

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