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Day Shift 2 Release Date, Trailer – Jamie Foxx Movie News!

Day Shift 2 Release Date, Trailer
Day Shift 2 Release Date

The brand new action-comedy flick, Day Shift starring Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza and Steve Howey has just been released on Netflix and kept us in suspense until the very end. That’s why we are eagerly waiting for Day Shift 2, because we really want this adventure to continue. But will there be a sequel to the movie Day Shift?

Day Shift was released on the streaming platform on August 12, 2022 and revolves around a hard-working man (Foxx) who uses a boring pool cleaning job as a cover for his real job. He hunts and kills vampires and then sells their teeth for a paycheck with the teeth of older vampires called “Elders.” The tension of the movie is high until the end and keeps you on the edge of your seats throughout the movie. The fact that the movie features several big names is also one of the reasons why you will love it so much. Without further ado, let’s dive into the content and get straight to the news of Day Shift 2.

Day Shift 2 Release Date

Day Shift 2 Release Date

Day Shift 2

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t made any announcement about Day Shift 2 yet. The action comedy received mixed reviews from critics. It was rated 6.2 on IMDb and has 56% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the film has only recently been released on the streaming platform, so it could become a real hit with time. Therefore, we believe that depending on the film’s ratings and reviews, Day Shift‘s producers will decide whether or not to make a sequel.

Is Day Shift a Comedy?

Yes, Day Shift is a comedy, but not only a comedy. The film mixes several genres, bringing together horror, thriller, action and comedy. It’s also a vampire movie because it revolves around vampires and a vampire hunter, Bud Jablonski.

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Is Seth a Vampire in Day Shift?

Day Shift Seth

Day Shift Seth

Seth (Dave Franco) is a nervous desk jockey who’s supposed to take care of Bud during his probationary period at the union. Seth is expected to report every little infraction he sees, but his view of the rules changes once he gets a taste of the danger and chaos of fieldwork. Although not a vampire at first, he’s turned into a vampire, most likely by Audrey, an uber vampire who’s invented a sunscreen so vampires can do things during the day and have dangerous plans that only benefit her fellow vampires.

Day Shift Audrey

Day Shift Audrey

Because of this, Seth also becomes an uber vampire. For this reason, he survives even though Bud decapitates him. He’s quite unpredictable at first and even tries to attack unintentionally. Fortunately, he quickly regains control and joins the night attack on Audrey and her subordinates. With the help of Bud’s second vampire buddy, Heather, and her extra blood bags, he eventually heals himself. While Bud fights Audrey, Seth and Heather fight Klaus, Audrey’s right-hand vampire. In the end, they rip Klaus’ hands off and Seth kills him as a result. Afterward, he helps Bud deal with Seegar.

Where Was The Movie Day Shift Filmed?

Where Was The Movie Day Shift Filmed?

Day Shift Filming Locations

The story of the movie is set in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. That’s why most of the scenes of the movie Day Shift were shot there. The main filming took place between April 19 and August 22, 2021, in Los Angeles, California, places such as Simi Valley, Glendale, and Circus Liquor in North Hollywood. However, there are also some sequences in the film that were shot in the North Valley Family YMCA, the Northridge neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley.

Other filming locations for the movie Day Shift include North DeKalb Mall and Gwinnett Place Mall in Atlanta, Georgia.

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