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Cheer Season 3 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Cheer Season 3 Release Date, Trailer
Cheer Season 3 Release Date, Trailer

We’re eager to talk about Cheer Season 3 months after Season 2 premiered on Netflix, so here’s everything we know about a prospective 3rd season of the cheerleading docuseries.

The 2nd season of the Netflix documentary series chronicled Navarro’s cheer squad as well as Trinity Valley Community College’s voyage to Daytona; if you remember, they were getting prepared to compete in the NCA Championships, and the season detailed the several challenges Navarro encountered over the last two years, including COVID causing them to quit the 2020 championships. What is awaiting us in Cheer Season 3?

It was sad when they restarted with an almost entirely new squad when schools resumed: Monica Aldama taking a break from teaching to compete, La’Darius Marshall abruptly leaving, Jerry Harris’ incarceration, and the overall stress and attention that came with the 1st season kept us all on the edge. The season also put a lot of light on TVCC’s hardships and how it propelled them, so we understand why you are wondering about Cheer Season 3. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the possible release date of Cheer Season 3.

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Cheer Season 3 Release Date

Cheer on Netflix

Cheer on Netflix

Netflix has yet to verify a 3rd season of the cheerleading documentary series, but given that the 2nd season was a complete surprise to fans, there’s a chance Cheer Season 3 is already in the works and will be released soon. 2022’s finals were scheduled for April 6-10, which implies that Navarro and TVCC should be well into practice and prepared to participate in a few months, so we thought we might see Cheer Season 3 sooner than we expect, but it did not happen.

Season 2 ended with numerous major members of Navarro and Trinity Valley debating whether or not to return, and Navarro’s Maddy Brum and Gillian both stated that they would return to clinch the victory. Cassadee Dunlap stated that she was ready to move on from the experience, and Jada Wooten also stated that she was ready to hang up her cheering outfit, so there is more waiting for us in Cheer Season 3.

Cheer poster

Cheer poster

Morgan Simianer, who appeared in the majority of the 1st season informed that she would not be returning to Navarro as when COVID hit in 2020, she quit the team. She had already graduated and returned to Navarro, where she was taking double classes in order to participate in the cheer program and she had to pursue new majors in which she was uninterested, so it didn’t make sense to return to Navarro when schools reopened only for cheer because school wasn’t what she needed.

She claimed that COVID provided her with the ability to look at the larger picture and recognize she accomplished all she came to Navarro to accomplish, so she was quite happy since she exceeded her expectations and came out with all of the memories.

Meanwhile, Gabi Butler said that she will almost certainly return for Cheer Season 3 as she technically has one year at Navarro. You can watch the trailer of the 2nd season down below while waiting for Cheer Season 3.

Is Netflix Cheer based on a true story?

Greg Whiteley’s Cheer is produced by Greg Whiteley and it purports to be as realistic and accurate as possible, and none of the events, contests, games, or discussions are scripted and handed to coaches or players to present on camera, enabling their emotions to be authentic.

However, given the amount of time, money, and other resources spent, it’s not uncommon for the producers to push some discussion topics or change sequences, but overall, Cheer is not a spoof because nothing related to the cheer competition or any individual’s actual experiences or feelings is directed, but certain elements were adjusted for our entertainment.

What was the controversy with the show Cheer?

Jerry Harris

Jerry Harris

In September 2020, 9 months after Netflix’s documentary film Cheer launched, Jerry Harris was sued for sexual assault by twin 14-year-old boys, and his arrest startled his friends, coaches, and viewers of the blockbuster docuseries, considering that he was a fan favorite. Their emotions are now captured in “Jerry,” the 5th episode of Cheer’s 2ndseason, in which his accusers are questioned, outlining the abuse; their mother, lawyer, and the USA Today reporters.

A set of twin 14-year-old cheerleaders decided to name Charlie and Sam filed a lawsuit in Texas against Jerry Harris, accusing him of sending them explicit sexual messages and demanding naked photographs. The young guys recount their experiences in Episode 5 of the new season of Cheer. According to their statements, this started when they were 13 and Harris was 19.

It was found out that Harris acknowledged that he exchanged graphic photographs with between 10 and 15 males he knew were minors.

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