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All Neil Gaiman Book Adaptations Ranked From Worst to Best – Including the Sandman!

All Neil Gaiman Book Adaptations Ranked From Best to Worst
All Neil Gaiman Book Adaptations Ranked From Best to Worst

Have you ever wondered about the Neil Gaiman book adaptations? We are here to rank them today for the fans of his series and books! The Sandman finally began airing on Netflix this August, trying to bring its creator Neil Gaiman’s illustrious career complete circle. The newest series was the reveal of the original Sandman comics in 1989 that first established the work of a British-born great writer, so it is extremely important for his career.

Lord Morpheus may have waited almost 30 years to awaken in live-action, but beginning in the 1990s, the film and television industries recognized what a rich well Gaiman’s writing was to draw from. You might already realize that a slew of the author’s books, comics, and other works have been adapted throughout the years, so it was time to rank all Neil Gaiman book adaptations.

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5. Caroline



Director Henry Selick of The Nightmare Before Christmas directed this beautifully spooky stop-motion animated Neil Gaiman book adaptation. They provided one of the finest horror flicks for kids out today, and in this adaptation, Coraline Jones (Dakota Fanning) is the title character, a brave little girl who must save her parents from the clutches of the Other Mother who is a spider-like monster from another planet.

It’s colorful, well-written, has a fantastic voice cast, and the whole presentation is absolutely one-of-a-kind, and it’s one of the greatest 3D presentations many have ever seen. The actual plot of the narrative has been done before, a “things are too wonderful to be true” type situation with a hint of “be cautious what you wish for,” but the picture used them to illustrate the story uniquely.

4. Stardust



Arguably the most popular Neil Gaiman book adaptation, 2007’s Stardust, directed by future Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn, slipped under the radar at the time. Similar to The Princess Bride, Tristan journeys over Stormhold with fallen star Yvaine as they fight a sky pirate, a wicked witch, and a power-hungry prince.

The ability to dream is a beautiful gift as we shape our own futures by exploring our imaginations, or you may construct empires through your dreams. We may be able to overcome our anxieties, restrictions, and barriers, or gain knowledge and assist humanity, alternatively, we may just find our way to real love and happiness. You will find such things in this Neil Gaiman book adaptation.

3. The Sandman

The Sandman

The Sandman

According to IMDb users, the latest Neil Gaiman book adaptation, The Sandman, is tied for 2nd place with Good Omens, and there was a lot depending on this Netflix series to stay true to its original source material after 30 years, and happily, it did. Gaiman acted as co-showrunner once more, thus the 1st season is a near-exact recreation of the first 2 comic book volumes, making it one of the best Neil Gaiman book adaptations.

The series, starring Tom Sturridge as Dream of the Endless, is as vast, dark, and magnificent as fans could have hoped, and so far, it has been quite accurate to the comic books. The first part of the series is about being imprisoned and seeking tools, and the second half is about mankind and its relationships.

2. Good Omens

Good Omens

Good Omens

Following the death of co-author Sir Terry Pratchett, Gaiman resolved to seize the bull by the horns and spearhead the long-delayed Good Omens TV series alone, and to be honest, we wanted to place it as the best Neil Gaiman book adaptation. With Gaiman as showrunner, the fantasy-comedy narrative follows unlikely companions Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon as they seek to avoid Armageddon.

The performances, screenplay, soundtrack, and cinematography are all excellent in Good Omens, where a fantastic pacifist work that challenges ignorance, blind religion, gender stereotypes, and sexuality. This Neil Gaiman book adaptation presents an unapologetic viewpoint on good vs evil and their role in religion. Because it isn’t totally accurate to the original material, we recommend reading the book though.

1. American Gods

American Gods

American Gods

American Gods premiered to critical acclaim on Starz in 2017, but several behind-the-scenes crises and troubles caused the favorable buzz to fade over time, and it was eventually canceled after 3 seasons.

Many have been a fan of the book since they were kids, so when they heard that this program was coming out, they were overjoyed as the show is equally as wonderful as the book, if not better. The program deviates significantly from the book but in a nice manner as it enhances the roles of formerly minor characters like Selim and Bilquis, introduces new characters and ideas, and just improves the plot.

American Gods accomplishes what the latter seasons of Game of Thrones did, but better; it recounts the same fundamental tale as the novel, but with unexpected twists and turns to keep fans interested.

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