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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Abbott Elementary Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
Abbott Elementary Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

When is Abbott Elementary Season 2 coming out? If you are one of the fans of the critically-acclaimed sitcom, you may be wondering about the answer to that question. Abbott Elementary is a series about a group of dedicated teachers who gather in a fictional elementary school in Philadelphia. Despite the difficult circumstances, the teachers never give up on their mission to help children.

The 1st season of the series came out between December 2021 and April 2022, and it is rated 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Most critics find the series intelligent, humorous, charming, and insightful.

Honestly, in a time when streaming platforms rule the world of series and movies, a network sitcom being able to meet this much critical acclaim is genuinely impressive. Let’s see if there is any news on the part of ABC, the tv network that produces the show, about renewing this beloved show.

Abbott Elementary Season 2

Abbott Elementary Season 2 Release Date

Abbott Elementary Season 2 Release Date

On March 14, the actress Janelle James, who plays the breakout character Principal Ava Coleman, shared a letter on Instagram announcing the good news that the show will be returning for the 2022-2023 school year. On March 14, the final 4 episodes of the 1st season were not even released yet, which shows the faith the producers have in the series. Since the letter says the return date to be the 2022-2023 school year, we expect Abbott Elementary Season 2 release date to be September-November 2022. If not, December 2022, at the latest, because the 2nd season may follow the footsteps of Season 1 in terms of release schedules.

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Abbott Elementary Cast

Abbott Elementary Cast

Abbott Elementary Cast

Abbott Elementary cast consists of excellent actors who portray the hardships of being an elementary school teacher and illustrate the amount of physical and mental investment teachers have to put in for their job. The cast members are as follows:

Janelle James as Principal Coleman: She likes picking on and bullying the teachers in the school. The actress is very secretive about her personal life, so it is not known how old she is or whether she is in a relationship at the moment. Though we know, she has 2 teenage sons. We don’t know who the father is.

Quinta Brunson as Janine Teagues: She is an example of a perfect teacher who is optimistic and wants to better her students’ lives. Last September, Brunson (32) made the news of marrying Kevin Jay Anik after getting engaged a year before, on July 30, 2021.

Tyler James Williams: He is a first-grade teacher who has a crush on Janine. James is a 29-year-old actor who never spills anything related to his dating life. There were rumors in 2016 about him dating Paige Hurd, an American actress. Another rumor came a few years later about him dating a Russian actress named Anastasia Baranova. However, Williams has never confirmed these relationships.

Lisa Ann Walter as Melissa Schemmenti: She is a second-grade teacher with outward toughness but still truly cares for her students. Walter is 58 years old and was married to Sam Baum, with whom she had a divorce in 1999. Baum is the father to Walter’s 1st 2 children (a son and a daughter). After the divorce, Walter had twins from someone else, but she never revealed the father of the twins.

Sherly Lee Ralph as Barbara Howard: She is the kindergarten teacher at Abbott Elementary. Ralph (65) has been in 2 marriages, the 1st of which lasted for 11 years, with Eric Maurica (1990-2001). Her 2nd marriage started in 2005 and continues today with Vincent Hughes. The actress has 2 children from her 1st marriage.

Chris Perfetti as Jacob Hill: He is the second-year History teacher at the school. He is enthusiastic and has a feel-good nature. The 33-year-old actor likes to keep his personal life under wraps.

IMDb Abbott Elementary

IMDb Abbott Elementary (2021- )

IMDb Abbott Elementary (2021- )

The IMDb page of the series shows that Abbott Elementary currently has an 8.2 average audience rating which is pretty high even though only 8.7k people have voted. The page also shows the cast members, some of whom we mentioned above, and the series’s number of episodes. The show’s 1st season had 13 episodes, all with different titles, which usually referred to the general theme of the episode. The name of the episodes are as follows:

S1, EP1: Pilot – S1, EP2: Light Bulb – S1, EP3: Wishlist – S1, EP4: New Tech – S1, EP5: Student Transfer – S1, EP6: Gifted Program – S1, EP7: Art Teacher – S1, EP8: Work Family – S1, EP9: Step Class – S1, EP10: Open House – S1, EP11: Desking – S1, EP12: Ava vs. Superintendent – S1, EP13: Zoo Balloon.

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