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5 Shows Like Suits – What to Watch If You Like Suits?

5 Shows Like Suits
5 Shows Like Suits

Suits does not require you to be a fan of wearing suits, and our list of shows like Suits do not have people wearing suits. The Aaron Korsh-created USA courtroom drama surpassed all expectations, and there are many who are in the search of shows like Suits for that reason. The series lasted long enough to become the network’s longest-running series, but it ended and it will now live on in our cultural memory for starring Meghan Markle.

Suits drew in viewers long before it broke records, due to its appealing tone and an engaging ensemble of characters as the show stars Gabriel Macht as the pompous lawyer Harvey Specter and Patrick J Adams as his deceptive protégé Mike Ross. We know you may be looking for the next program to satisfy your Suits needs and there are dozens of other shows like Suits that may give you the same sentiments. Now let’s look at them down below.

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1. How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder is the 1st on our list of shows like Suits as the show had it all, and if you enjoy a good crime drama, this one will not disappoint. We can’t say enough about how well-written and produced How to Get Away with Murder is as the cast was fantastic and well-chosen. Despite the dislike for some of them at times, they were all family in the end and viewers enjoyed every episode of the 6 seasons and watched them all in a matter of weeks.

Despite their differences, the characters worked so well together and viewers were particularly fond of Connor, as well as the brief romance between Laurel and Wes. They actually had a family dynamic, and they always had each other’s back. So many times, we thought it was a certain individual who committed the crime, but it was someone we didn’t expect.

How they came full circle and concluded with how they began was fantastic, and viewers became quite devoted to this program, and the finale just provided them with closure and calm after all of the turmoil that occurred throughout the episode. This show is without a doubt one of the favorite shows of all time and we strongly advise you to watch it if you are looking for shows like Suits.

2. House of Cards

House of Cards

House Of Cards

This show has changed many’s life; not just because of the storyline, but also because of the socioeconomic themes addressed by many characters, such as racism, women’s rights, sexual assaults, LGBTQ+ relationships, religion, corruption, mental illness, and so much more, so it is definitely among the shows like Suits. House of Cards is also one of the few series that viewers feel addresses corruption among politicians and other significant public figures.

The power that Frank and Claire have is both terrifying and entertaining and it’s really unfortunate Kevin Spacey was falsely accused of sexual assault, since the show might have gone on a new path in Season 6, maybe even in Season 5. Anyone seeking a binge-worthy show that isn’t garbage reality TV or a cheesy medical drama should consider watching House of Cards.

3. The Blacklist

The Blacklist

The Blacklist

The Blacklist is without a doubt the finest criminal drama on television today and it is among the shows like Suits. We, the viewers, are constantly on the lookout for fantastic things to watch: with Covid keeping us all close to home, it was a delight to watch this show.

The performers all portray such intriguing characters and seem to get along so well and they draw us in every week for a fresh adventure and never let us down. We all get that one hour away from everything, so congratulations to the EP and the authors for constantly keeping us guessing.

4. House MD

House MD

House MD

The long-running medical show House has eerily similar skeletons to Suits, so we had to include it on our list of shows like Suits. Dr. Gregory House plays Harvey, a very brilliant guy who is extraordinarily competent at his profession and knows it, but is not a particularly sympathetic or even much-loved character. Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy takes over as the show’s Jessica. Cuddy also plays the part of the show’s Donna, albeit no one is genuinely capable of becoming Donna.

5. Goliath



If you are looking for shows like Suits, Goliath has to be on your radar. In David E. Kelly’s return to courtroom dramas, actor Billy Bob Thornton played Billy McBride, a well-known lawyer who left his firm years previously after assisting in the acquittal of a murder suspect who went on to kill again.

McBride reappears after years as an alcoholic recluse suffering from overwhelming guilt while attempting to practice law, and his former practice, led by his former colleague Donald Cooperman, is now an industrial goliath, larger and more powerful than ever.

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