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5 Most Mysterious Unsolved Mysteries Episodes Ever!

5 Most Mysterious Unsolved Mysteries Episodes Ever!
5 Most Mysterious Unsolved Mysteries Episodes Ever!

The iconic true-crime series “Unsolved Mysteries” which ran from 1987 to 2002, received a rebirth in 2020 on Netflix. During its initial run, along with “America’s Most Wanted” and “Rescue 911,” it encouraged viewers to “help solve a mystery,” igniting a thirst for actual crime across the country.

Rebooting Netflix was perceived as another attempt by the streaming service to capitalize on nostalgia. The program’s first season lacked the charm of the original series since it concentrated on one mystery every episode and frequently featured murder and disappearances.

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1. House of Terror

Unsolved Mysteries has captivated audiences with actual stories of missing people, unsolved murders, and unexplained events for more than three decades. The show has covered many topics, from UFO sightings to the Kennedy killings.

A total of 260 cold cases have been solved thanks to information from program viewers. The renowned documentary series is now available on Netflix. The third installment of this series is titled “House of Terror.”

Five members of an aristocratic French family were discovered buried under the back porch of their home over 10 years ago; the building was after that christened “The House of Terror” by the media. A woman and her four children were shot dead one by one as they slept in their beds. Except for the father, Xavier, who disappeared shortly after the executions, nearly the entire Dupont de Ligonnès family was killed. Heavily suspected is Xavier. His whereabouts are still a mystery.

House of Terror - Unsolved Mysteries

House of Terror – Unsolved Mysteries

2. Mystery on the Rooftop

The inexplicable death of Rey Rivera is explored in depth in episode one. Rey was observed on May 16, 2006, hurrying out of his house after receiving a call. The only person who heard him yell “Oh!” before bursting out of the home in flip flops was a house guest since his wife was away on a business trip. Eight days later, his rotting body was discovered in a vacant section of the Belevedere Hotel in Baltimore. He appeared to have fallen from the hotel’s higher roof or been thrown off of it since he seemed to have entered through the lower roof. Was this a suicide or a murder? And what possible reason might either have had?

Mystery on the Rooftop - Unsolved Mysteries

Mystery on the Rooftop – Unsolved Mysteries

3. Missing Witness

The episode explores the puzzling circumstances surrounding Lena Chapin, who vanished in 2006. This was three years after she allegedly admitted aiding her mother, Sandy Klemp, in getting rid of Chapin’s stepfather and Sandy’s husband Gary McCullough’s body.

Was Lena’s description of McCullough’s death accurate? Her account of the night McCullough was reportedly killed contains several contradictions, as seen by recently released excerpts from the program, supporting the assumption that her confession was fraudulent.

Brian Martin, the investigator, has specifically cited issues with Chapin’s claim that he rode in McCullough’s truck before passing away. The van was discovered at a different place than the one Chapin described, and information on the car itself is unclear.

Missing Witness - Unsolved Mysteries

Missing Witness – Unsolved Mysteries

4. Something in the Sky

On March 8, 1994, 911 dispatch received more than 300 calls from people reporting strange lights in the night sky along Lake Michigan’s eastern side. With various colored lights and what seemed to be either spherical or cylindrical shapes, the hovering objects ultimately moved out over the lake, according to the callers. Hours were spent tracking these UFOs’ movements by a National Weather Service radar operator, who later verified the accounts. Witnesses and detectives have been no closer to solving the mystery in the decades following the sightings than in 1994. What did the mysterious lights over the lake represent?

Numerous witnesses reported seeing strange lights in the sky, but authorities are still baffled by their origin. Listen to eyewitness reports and read first-person accounts. What do you suppose was flying that night above Lake Michigan? Witness Holly Graves discusses the emotional fallout from her 1994 UFO incident in the video up top.

Something in the Sky - Unsolved Mysteries

Something in the Sky – Unsolved Mysteries

5. A Death in Oslo

Unsolved Mysteries includes the 1995 death of the “Oslo Plaza Woman,” yet several important details are omitted for compelling narration. Lars Christian Wegner, a journalist with VG, is heavily featured in the Robert M. Wise-directed film “A Death in Oslo,” where he discusses his considerable reporting over the years. Everyone familiar with the case is aware that the Oslo Plaza Woman passed away due to a head wound. Her real identity and the real reason for her passing are still unknown, though.

A Death in Oslo - Unsolved Mysteries

A Death in Oslo – Unsolved Mysteries

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