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1899 Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

1899 Season 2 Release Date, Trailer
1899 Season 2 Release Date, Trailer

Occasionally, a foreign language series appears on Netflix and completely outperforms everything else, now it’s 1899 and everyone can’t get enough of it, asking for 1899 Season 2. The show genuinely switches between languages, as the official synopsis explains as follows: when inexplicable occurrences shift the route of an immigrant ship bound for New York in 1899, a mind-bending conundrum develops.

Already in the Top 10 Most-Watched on Netflix, the show has fans wondering whether there will be 1899 Season 2, so here’s everything we know so far regarding a possible 2nd season.

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1899 Season 2 Release Date

1899 characters

1899 characters

We are sad to say that we do not know when 1899 Season 2 will be released, but the program was made available on Netflix on November 17th, 2022. The good news is that creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are eager for more, and they claimed that it all depends on the audience if they obtain a multi-season agreement. Because of the twists, turns, and time-traveling nature of Season 1, we may infer that even characters who died in the 1st season will return for 1899 Season 2.

As a result, we may probably expect to see Emily Beecham as Maura Franklin, Aneurin Barnard as Daniel Solace, Andreas Pietschmann as Eyk Larsen, Miguel Bernardeau as Ángel, José Pimentão as Ramiro, Isabella Wei as Ling Yi, Gabby Wong as Yuk Je, Yann Gael as Jérôme, amd Mathilde Ollivier as Clémence.

It’s difficult to say for sure when we will watch 1899 Season 2 because the show hasn’t been confirmed and it has been a very short time since the 1st season was released, however, based on the timeline for Season 1, we shouldn’t expect any further episodes until late 2024. This is due to the fact that 1899 Season 1 took 6 months to shoot, and was released a year later. If production for 1899 Season 2 begins in early 2023 and lasts 6 months, 2nd season will be completed in 2024.

What is the story of 1899?

1899 poster

1899 poster

We think this Netflix original series is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, from its loaded cast of superstars from all over the world to its hair-raising tale, furthermore, whether viewers are tuned in for the horror or the mystery, the 2022 release is suitable for all sorts of audiences. We could go on and on about why you should watch 1899 this week, but the best approach to persuade you, though, is to tell you about it.

The film 1899 depicts the atrocities that passengers encounter on a steamer on their way to New York, but what will these passengers do to deal with the strange incidents aboard the ship?

The complete summary available via Netflix is as follows: migrant vessel sails west to depart from the ancient continent, and the passengers were a diverse group of Europeans connected by their aspirations and goals for the new millennium. Their trip, however, takes an unexpected turn when they come across another migrant ship floating.

You can watch the series’ official trailer down below for more information.

The title will contain eight episodes in its initial iteration, making it ideal for a weekend viewing, and it’s also worth noting that the series has a TV-MA age classification, so anybody under the age of 17 should avoid it. We wonder what will 1899 Season 2 be about.

Does 1899 have ghosts?



While the scenario of 1899 is made up, the story of the ghost ships that inexplicably vanished in the seas is true and might be considered the basis for the show’s theme: several incidences of vessels going missing have occurred throughout history, particularly in claimed mysterious places such as the Bermuda Triangle. Two ships reported missing in the Arctic Ocean in the nineteenth century are now known as ghost ships, so we might say the show has ghosts.

The HMS Erebus and HMS Terror set out in 1845 with 129 men on board, however, both ships got icebound, and the crew perished as a result of malnutrition later.

Is 1899 worth watching?

Yuk Je

Yuk Je

The enjoyment of the play is less about the big reveal and more about tracking all of the little and strange components that lead up to it, and it won’t be long before triangles and pyramids start cropping up everywhere. This show is a definite watch and its landing a place on the top 10 list is, we think, a piece of great evidence. We wonder what 1899 Season 2 brings.

Seriously, you’ll want to pay great attention to this program, not just because you don’t want to miss vital aspects, but also because the conversation is in different languages as the camera enjoys lingering on hints, ensuring that you notice the number of a room cabin or the wording in a handwritten message.

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