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Young and Hungry Season 6 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

Young and Hungry Season 6 Release Date
Young and Hungry Season 6 Release Date

Young and Hungry Season 6 might be on the way and the happy news is for the ones who cannot control their drools while watching Young and Hungry seasons. The amazing fact about the show is, it was created to tell the everyday life of a culinary blogger and that is probably the reason why you get hungry all the time while watching it.

When the program’s creators revealed that the show would be canceled after its 5th season, we could not know what to say because there still were rumors that a Young and Hungry season 6 may be released.

Young & Hungry airs on the Freeform cable channel and the cast members are Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley, Rex Lee, and Bryan Safi.

The starting point of the show was Gabi Diamond who is a food blogger and becomes the personal chef of billionaire Josh Xander Kaminski. What was interesting about the show is the narrative got deeper when these two develop affections for one another, but only to result in them attempting to prove to everyone that they are still friends with certain benefits.

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Young and Hungry Season 6

Gabi and Josh kissing

Gabi and Josh kissing

We have heard a lot about Netflix’s much-anticipated series Young and Hungry and a future Young and Hungry Season 6. According to reports, the next season can meet with the fans in late 2022 or in the first part of 2023, but there is still no official confirmation related to the release date, so all we have to do till then is be patient and wait for the news of Young and Hungry Season 6.

The sitcom is set in San Francisco and it is inspired by a food critic called Gabi Moskowitz of BrokeAss Gourmet and stars Emily Osment as the lead actress. Gabi is a devoted foodie and she later accepts a job as a private chef for the wealthy entrepreneur Josh Kaminski.

Gabi and Josh’s professional relationship was damaged when they revealed their attraction to each other and had a one-night stand drunkenly. We got to watch their romance through the seasons, and they finally got together in the 5th season which ended on a cliffhanger with Gabi proposing to Josh and asking him to go to Seattle with her.



Young And Hungry was unfortunately canceled by Freeform in March 2018, and the news hit the social media before the last ten episodes even aired. We are not sure if the cancellation of the show is inevitable, but there might be still a chance for the show to continue.

On the other hand, the actress Emily Osment claimed that Young And Hungry Season 6 was already in the works and she was working with the team. Considering that the 5th season ended with a lot of tension, there is a very high possibility that we will watch Young and Hungry Season 6.

With all said, the true reason for the discontinuation of the sitcom’s Season 6 is still unclear and there is still no official confirmation for Young and Hungry Season 6.

Here you can watch a clip of Gabi and Josh from Season 5.

Is Young and Hungry canceled?

Why fans of the Young and Hungry are looking forward to Young and Hungry season 6 is because they want to know Josh’s answer to the surprise proposal by Gabi after their long separation. We were left on a cliffhanger in the very last scene of Season 5 because we didn’t get to hear Josh’s reaction in that season. So, will there be a Young and Hungry Season 6? Young And Hungry is not like any other sitcom you have watched before and it has been on the air for 5 seasons; might we expect a Young and Hungry Season 6?

Young And Hungry first aired on Freeform in 2014 with Gabi Moskowitz as the main character, and there are rumors and official announcements that the series has been canceled. If the news is true, we cannot really understand the reason for the cliffhanger, do the producers want us to guess Josh’s response?

Young and Hungry Cast

Josh and Gabi

Josh and Gabi

Young and Hungry had a very stable cast and we are expecting Emily Osment to play Gabi Diamond in Young and Hungry Season 6, Jonathan Sadowski to portray Josh Kaminski, and Aimee Carrero to portray Sofia Rodriguez.

We guess Yolanda will be played by Kym Whitley, and Elliot Park will be played by Rex Lee. Although we are not sure about the other cast members, we are sure to see the ones we have just mentioned. We are hoping that the show’s creators will release formal information about Young and Hungry Cast so we do not have to make predictions all the time!

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