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Restaurant to Another World Season 3 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Cancelled?

Restaurant to Another World Season 3
Restaurant to Another World Season 3

Restaurant To Another World Season 3 is likely to be the most awaited return of the year. When the 2nd season concluded in December 2021, all eyes were on the official release boards. The 2nd season of the anime was equally as good as the first. Fans have expressed a need for more of the same good cuisine they want to see in Restaurant To Another World Season 3 as a result of the dispersed storylines.

What happens behind the scenes at Restaurant to Another World? Will there be Restaurant To Another World Season 3? Everything you need to know is right here.

Junpei Inuzuka’s Restaurant To Another World is a one-of-a-kind light novel series. So far, six volumes of this book have been published, beginning in February of this year, and in 2016, Young Gangan magazine published a manga adaptation of the same story which got the attention of many anime fans.

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Restaurant to Another World Season 3 Release Date

Restaurant to Another World Manga

Restaurant to Another World Manga

Restaurant To Another World Season 3 has yet to be confirmed, which is disappointing for the show’s viewers. Neither the creators of the show nor the show’s production members have commented on a prospective return. This season, though, the program has gained a lot of attention. On IMDb, the show has a rating of 7.2/10. On MyAnimeList, 33,400 people rated the show a 7.64 out of 10.

This signifies that the series has gotten a lot of good feedback. Even if a timely renewal is achievable, production and contract-related activities of Restaurant to Another World Season 3 may cause the procedure to be delayed.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 RECAP



That first part of the final episode was fantastic and it makes us more curious about what we will see in Restaurant to Another World Season 3! We saw someone from the Japanese side of the door enter as a client for the first time. Even before she comes, this lady is highly fascinating since she uses a key to get in and quickly recognizes who Kuro is with a single look.

We assumed this was the Master’s mother, who came to see him, but she instead walks up to Artorios’ table, where Artorious immediately identifies her as Yomi. Yomi and Artorius appear to have been in the same adventure company, but Yomi was reverse transported into Japan at some point.

That whole narrative was adorable and we want to see the same in Restaurant to Another World Season 3. It was a brief and sweet story that was delivered well in only a few frames. Daiki (Nekoya’s owner) finds Yomi washed up on the shore and brings her home, feeding her his meal after hearing her tummy grumble.

Kuro and Aletta

Kuro and Aletta

Yomi appears to have assisted Daiki when Nekoya was only a food booth, and the two ultimately fell in love, married, and eventually built the Nekoya that we know and love.

Yomi turns out to be the Master’s grandmother and we assumed she was his mother, but apparently, people from the other planet just mature more slowly. This raises the question of where the Masters’ parents are, whether or not they are aware of Nekoya, and how it is linked to another realm. Was he the only one in the family who liked to cook? This is only increasing our desire to learn more about the Master!

That key from the beginning is far more crucial than we realized. It’s not simply the master key; it’s a key that can truly cut Nekoya off from the other world. Of course, the Master has no intention of shutting down Nekoya anytime soon, but we will see what is going to happen in Restaurant to Another World Season 3.

Who makes Restaurant to Another World Season 1 Dub?

Aletta and Kuro

Aletta and Kuro

In the English dub voice cast, we see Christopher R. Sabat as Master and Jill Harris as Aletta as well as Caitlin Glass as Sarah Gold, Charlie Campbell as Artorius, J. Michael Tatum as Heinrich Seeleman, Jeremy Schwartz as Alphonse, John Swasey as Tatsugoro, Monica Rial as Kuro, and Stephanie Young as Red Queen.

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