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Why Is Manifest Canceled? – Manifest Season 5 News!

Why Is Manifest Canceled - Manifest Season 5 News!
Why Is Manifest Canceled - Manifest Season 5 News!

Manifest stunned audiences with narrative twist after plot twist over 4 seasons, but what will happen to Manifest Season 5? The NBC supernatural drama centers on some of the 191 passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, which flew from Jamaica to New York, and after some in-flight turbulence, the plane lands, and the passengers realize that it has been five and a half years since they took off.

Each season, viewers discover more about the mystery flight’s aftereffects, such as callings, visions, and unexplainable health changes, and despite the fact that the Season 4 finale left viewers waiting, NBC stated that Manifest will be canceled. Is it true that Manifest Season 5 is canceled?

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Why Netflix Canceled Manifest?

Michaela Stone

Michaela Stone

NBC confirmed its decision not to renew Manifest Season 5, though the drama’s ratings were respectable when it began in 2018, they have slowly fallen each year afterward. The sitcom was in peril after Season 2, but NBC chose to extend it for another 13 episodes, and viewership dropped again during Season 3, although Manifest remained the network’s top-rated “bubble show”.

The first 2 seasons of Manifest were available to Netflix shortly before Season 3 finished and the drama has constantly been at the top of the streamer’s Top 10 list, which some saw as a positive omen for a Manifest Season 5 order. Despite the show’s popularity on Netflix, there weren’t enough compelling reasons for NBC to renew it and many fans were disappointed by the revelation, as program creator Jeff Rake had been forthright about the series’ 6-season ambition. Furthermore, the Season 4 finale did not give the characters any feeling of closure.

Jared Vasquez

Jared Vasquez

After NBC announced the cancellation, Jeff rushed to Twitter to express his disappointment, and fans were similarly moved by his appeal for Manifest Season 5 to be moved elsewhere. On June 15, he tweeted he is heartbroken by NBC’s decision to cancel, and to say the least, being shut off in the middle is a stomach hit. He is hoping to find a new place to live, and you, the fans, have earned a satisfying conclusion to the narrative. He thanked the fans for their support of the actors and the crew. Because of Manifest’s success on Netflix, fans hoped that the streaming site would save the program for Manifest Season 5.

With Manifest maintaining a consistent position in Netflix’s Top 10, it was evident to most that Netflix could benefit from Manifest Season 5. On August 28, 2021, Netflix officially renewed Manifest for a 4th and final season of 20 episodes, roughly doubling the average episode count and the majority of the cast returned, however, certain contracts were negotiated.

Manifest Ending Explained

Manifest poster

Manifest poster

At the end of Manifest Season 4, a lot happened. Ben then has a vision of Grace pleading with him to bring Eden to her, so he transports Eden to Grace’s grave, Angelina, on the other hand, is waiting for him there, with the sapphire now giving her the ability to generate bogus callings. Ben and Angelina then request that Eden pick between them and Eden selects Ben, and Angelina flees – but only for a short time. Simultaneously, Olive, TJ, and Zeke devise a method to save Cal so that he may assist avert the apocalypse, and Zeke utilizes his empathic abilities to take Cal’s cancer and deliver it to himself, tragically dying in his stead.

Cal can then compete against Angelina in a “vision” staged on the original Flight 828: he seems to remove the Omega Sapphire from her, the genuine stone breaking in Angelina’s grasp in real life, however, in the episode’s last shot, Angelina is shown strolling with a shining sapphire in her palm. Cal, Angelina, and the sapphire are crucial to humanity’s survival, therefore we’re likely to see them clash again for Part 2. Unfortunately, there will not be a Manifest Season 5.

Is Manifest a true story?

Manifest characters

Manifest characters

Fans are wondering whether the show is based on a true story while hoping for the release of Manifest Season 5. While Manifest has references to real-life events, items, and individuals, it is not based on a true tale and is entirely a work of fiction: having said that, it turns out that a real-life occurrence actually helps the idea take off!

Rake admitted to SYFY Wire that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s disappearance played a “pivotal role” in the program and while Rake had developed the concept for the program before the Malaysia Airlines flight’s disappearance in April 2014 and had sought to sell it to multiple networks, the loss of Flight 370 made his show’s premise feel a bit more genuine.

As Rake pointed out, the events of real life sparked interest in bringing the series’ complicated chronologies and riddles to life and this growing interest is what led to the program being ordered into a series, allowing Rake to pursue the tales he envisioned presenting.

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