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What to Watch If You Are A British Royal Family Fan! – Shows to Commemorate Queen Elizabeth II!

What to Watch If You Are A British Royal Family Fan
What to Watch If You Are A British Royal Family Fan

There is a plethora of compelling TV series about the monarchy available right now for British Royal Family lovers to get their fix, and these vary from lavish costume dramas to beautiful documentaries about European royals. We will look at some of the top TV series that any royal fan should watch since The British Royal Family has long piqued people’s interest, and media coverage of them has exploded in the last 2 decades.

While there has always been a fascination with the British Royal Family, it appears that their influence on media has expanded enormously: Between Mary Queen of Scots, The Favourite, and last year’s Spencer, there has been a surge of films about the monarchy, so we had to make a list to decide which one is the best.

The Royal Family has a beyond-human aspect that makes them so appealing to regular individuals, so here is the list of shows about the British Royal Family for the fans.

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1. Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute

Elizabeth at 90 A Family Tribute

Elizabeth at 90 A Family Tribute

The television show Elizabeth at 90 provides unprecedented access to the British Royal Family: normally, you only see them from a distance, such as when they lead parades or attend other state occasions, however, you can see and hear them up close here, reminiscing about Elizabeth.

You see and hear Elizabeth, her son Charles, Princes Harry and William, and others reminisce while watching old family tapes, but who would like this movie? Anyone who is patient, because the show might be a little dry and sluggish at times. This is not a criticism, but rather a remark on the style, because many liked it since it was so distinctive and revolutionary.

2. A King’s Story

A King's Story

A King’s Story

This show is an inside look at King Edward VIII’s life from his birth through his departure from England, and anyone interested in the Royal Family or British history should go and watch A King’s Story. There are in-depth conversations with His Royal Highness The Duke of Windsor and The Duchess of Windsor, and it is adapted from His Royal Highness’s 1951 book of the same name, so we highly recommend that everyone view this film.

3. Diana, 7 Days

Diana, 7 Days

Diana, 7 Days

This documentary was created to commemorate Diana, Princess of Wales’s death 20 years ago with the aim of providing a fresh look at what happened and how it affected her family, Britain, and the rest of the globe. When people chose to sit down and watch this, they had no idea what to anticipate as many of them just observed the country’s undying affection for her. Diana, 7 Days is a must every British Royal Family fan should watch.

4. Spencer



Spencer is a memorial to our dear Princess Diana: what would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday was commemorated by a solemn new statue in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace in London, depicting her with three generically grateful children. This statue effectively replaced the one of Diana with Dodi Fayed in Harrods, which was removed in 2018, but maybe Diana’s new bronze image will be eclipsed by the arthouse-bizarro Diana presented in Spencer.

This is an enjoyable, if overblown, overpraised, and perhaps obtuse, ironized fantasy opera without music and it’s about Diana having a “crack-up” during a suffocating Windsor Christmas at Sandringham in 1991.

5. The Crown

The Crown

The Crown

The Crown is perhaps the most popular television representation of the Royal Family although it is far from historically accurate: in fact, its lack of sticking to the facts may be a legal problem for the show in the future, regardless, it is a big hit since it depicts the House of Windsor from the start. Given that the program is still under development and prepping for a new season, it is unclear how contemporary it will be as it has shown everything from Elizabeth II’s wedding to Charles and Diana’s approaching divorce.

Despite its flaws, The Crown helps viewers comprehend the inner workings of the present royal bloodline. The program was not immediately economically successful, for whatever reason, but it was a critical success and has amassed a big fan base that is eagerly expecting new episodes.

6. Princes of the Palace

Princes of the Palace

Princes of the Palace

This show follows the lives of the princes of the British Royal Family and their significance inside the Royal House of Windsor: Princes Phillip, Charles, William, Harry, and the newly arrived Prince George are all profiled. This high-definition program, produced by A2B Media, a documentary expert on the British Royal Family features unique interviews with royal memoirs, journos, and those who have worked with the royal family to give some inside perspective of how the royal Princes will form the British monarchy.

We will also watch its transformation from Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigning British monarch in the British Royal Family, and it would not be lying to say that this is a must to watch.

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