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The Witch: Part 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it canceled?

The Witch Part 2 Release Date, Trailer
The Witch Part 2 Release Date, Trailer

The Witch Part 2 is rumored to be on the way for the eyes, but are those rumors true? Park Hoon Jung wrote and directed The Witch which is a Korean thriller motion fright comedy, with the 1st part of the film being released in 2018. It has been 4 years since the 1st movie, but we are still expecting The Witch Part 2, and we have strong guesses about the future of it.

The 1st movie was commonly known as The Witch: Part 1 Subversion and given the film’s open ending, The Witch Part 2 is always a big likelihood in terms of its production. Since the 1st movie, fans have been waiting on their toes, excited and waiting for The Witch Part 2 to be eventually released in 2022.

The 1st film follows the events that a little girl named Ja-Yoon has, and she had no recollection of her life before a certain age, but in the film we watch some people work really hard to find Ja-Yoon which indicates that she is a special person. We expect The Witch Part 2 to evolve around a very similar storyline, including Ja-Yoon and her special abilities.

The Witch

The Witch

We were really surprised when she later became the subject of an executive who offers her superhuman abilities. With an open ending, many viewers of the movie wondered when a spin-off of the film might be released with the main casts reprising their roles in the series. The narrative is also thought to follow the storyline from the 1st movie, and it is most likely to be an extended piece of the plotline of the 2018 variation.

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How to watch The Witch: Part 2 full movie?

Currently The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion can be watched on Netflix, Hoopla, Rakuten Viki, or KoreaOnDemand for free. You may also rent the movie online through Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, and YouTube. You can as well download it through Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, and YouTube. We expect The Witch Part 2 to be available on the same platforms.

The Witch 2 Release Date

Ja Yoon

Ja Yoon

The only thing we can do is put together a release date based on our wild guesses for The Witch Part 2. As we have learned from recent reveals that the film’s shoot was in the works, the release for The Witch Part 2 is on the way. The 1st phase of the movie arrived in 2018, and just a few weeks later, the film was announced for the development of the 2nd movie by its series directors.

According to a tweet, the 2nd installment, also called The Witch Part 2, will be titled The Collision. There once were rumors about The Witch Part 2 to be released in 2021, but it did not happen. The same thing might happen in 2022 because the data still being insufficient; so we might have to wait for an official announcement. However, we are almost certain that the 2nd movie will hit the screens around 2023.

The Witch: Part 2 News

The news for The Witch Part 2 is spreading like a wildfire and we even have some information about the possible cast members for the 2nd movie. We will watch Jung Da-eun as Girl with long hair, Kim Da-mi as Ja-Yoon, Kim Byeong-ok being Police Officer Do, Choi Woo-Shik as Nobleman. Other cast members are Park Hee-soon as Mr. Choi, Go Min-si as Do Myung-hee, Choi Jung-woo as Teacher Goo.

We are expecting The Witch Part 2 to also demonstrate Ja-Yoon’s desire to learn more about her family history since the 1st film ended with Ja-Yoon visiting Dr. Baek’s sister. During that scene, she disclosed her strategy for finding a permanent solution to her problem, while the fight between her and a mysterious girl with a mark on her face was still on her mind. She seems to have a lot going on in her mind.

Furthermore, we are expecting to see Dr. Baek and his sister’s storyline more in detail because they are probably going to be the key characters for The Witch Part 2.

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