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The Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

The Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date, Trailer - Is it Canceled
The Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date, Trailer - Is it Canceled

There are some new rumors and news concerning the fate of The Walking Dead Season 12. You might have heard the names of Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Robert Kirkman before because those are the names that collaborated for the comic book series that inspired the American zombie post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead.

Until recently, AMC made a shocking announcement about The Walking Dead’s last season which is also known as The Walking Dead Season 12. It looks like the upcoming The Walking Dead Season 12 will be the series’ final season according to the upsetting announcement that was made by the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman. He also shocked us with the decision he made recently and chose to discontinue the comic books which many people feel that decision has brought this amazing show to a dead end.

The Walking Dead poster

The Walking Dead poster

We respect his choice because along with The Walking Dead Season 12, we had the chance to experience many exciting and tense journeys along with the characters, and also, creativity is not something that lasts forever. Along with the content producer for the series, we welcomed and said goodbye to two major characters that affected the show to a great extent Andrew Lincoln (Cabinet of Curiosities) and Danai Gurira.

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The Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date

The Walking Dead Characters

The Walking Dead Characters

Popular TV shows are known for frequently dividing their series finales into two or more segments, and The Walking Dead will be no exception in its final season, which seems like the directors and show makers are taking some notes. We were first met with the rumors for Season 11, saying that the new season was intended to be split into two volumes, but we with the updates now know it will be split into three chapters. So, when will The Walking Dead Season 12 which is the last season be available?

There is currently no release date for Part 3, also known as The Walking Dead Season 12 but we will inform you as soon as the news become official. Nonetheless, The Walking Dead Season 12 will show when Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 closes which really hypes up the wait for the next season.

On the other hand, we have a date for the spinoff series and we know it will return after its Season 7 hiatus on April 17, 2022, which is a very close date!

Does Rick die in the Walking Dead?

Being an expected event, viewers had to say goodbye to Andrew Lincoln who gave life to the character Rick Grimes. We watched Lincoln in the show for a decade, and he was killed in the 9th season, leaving us all shocked. His character is the Walking Dead’s heart and soul, and we cannot imagine the show continuing without Rick Grimes. For that reason, dealing with his death was a profoundly emotional event for the fans and it took us some time to digest this specific event.

But the good news is that Rick was later seen being rescued by Jadis after he got involved in an explosion and transported away in a chopper without indicating where they were taking Rick. So, we do not know where Rick has been since that scene, but that event must be shot to tell us something, and it was to tell us Rick is alive.

Does Carl die in the Walking Dead?

As Alexandria collapses, Rick and Michonne take Carl to the ruins of Gabriel’s chapel because he was dying slowly. In these final moments, we witness some emotional moments between the son and the father. “You can still be yourself,” is what Carl said to assure his father in his last moments.

“Everything was done for you,” Rick says after his son. “From the beginning. We’re back in Atlanta. It’s the farm. Everything I did was for you… and it still is. It’s going to be.”



We see Rick apologizing after because he thinks he was not the father he wanted to be and obviously not the father Carl deserved. for not protecting his kid as a parent should. Rick’s only task, according to Carl, was to love him but it seems like Carl was dissatisfied with the parenting he got.

In the end, we do not exactly see Carl die. He wants to die by his own hands, so a solitary gunshot rings out as Rick and Michonne stand outside the chapel which indicates Carl shot himself to death.

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