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The Last Kingdom Season 6 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

The Last Kingdom Season 6
The Last Kingdom Season 6

As you all know, the Last Kingdom Season 5 is finally available on Netflix. When will the Last Kingdom Season 6 be released though? We are more than excited to welcome back the show after all this time, as the adventures of Uhtred are always binge-worthy. He is smart, handsome, and a true hero who knows how to form and break alliances as he is a political mastermind. For the past five years, we watched Uhtred being a Viking, being a British man, being Pagan, being Christian, being in and out of love, and more.

So, by this point, we feel like Uhtred is a friend of ours and the last thing we want is to miss his presence. Unfortunately, though, there are rumors that 5th season will be the last season of the Last Kingdom. Well, we simply refuse that idea and believe that Netflix is smart enough to not let go of this brilliant show so easily and will come up with Last Kingdom Season 6.



Will Uhtred be in The Last Kingdom Season 6?

What is the Last Kingdom about?

The Last Kingdom is taking place in the Middle Ages when England was invaded by the Vikings as the land was already divided between many kingdoms. So, there is a very difficult political climate where there is constant war and the balance of power is frequently shifting from one side to another. Uhtred is posing a unique example in the show as he is born an English man but raised by the Vikings as his home was ambushed. There, he adopted all the Vikings’ characteristics from their religion to lifestyle. He became a loyal adopted son to his Vikings family.

Unfortunately though, when another Vikings family attacked his home, he is left homeless and without a family to side with. So, his destiny had to be written all over again, as he tried to find his way through all the different political affiliations of the era. When his path is crossed with the biggest English king of the era who was the first to attempt to form a unified England, Alfred, he had to work for the English man against the Vikings. He even married an English woman and had children with her.

Uhtred in War

Uhtred in War

Who is Uhtred in the Last Kingdom?

But, his destiny did not allow him to be a family man working on his land. Instead, he went on to fight all over England. Sometimes he fought against the Vikings, sometimes he fought against the English. Regardless, both sides always knew his worth on the battlefield and thus couldn’t dare to lose him. He also had many lovers on this journey, including Aethelflead, who has become his one true love. Through all these, his sole aim has become to retake Bebbanburg, which was his birthright. In Season 5, we witness Uhtred still attempting to make his dream come true.

Uhtred and Brida

Uhtred and Brida

When will the Last Kingdom Season 6 be released?

We will not spoil the Season 5 ending for you in this article. But, we can confidently say that it is not an ending that we feel comfortable with. We believe Uhtred deserved more adventures in the English land and he was too young to be dismissed from the scene this soon. Since all these are real characters who truly have lived in England at the time, you might assume that the show has done the right thing by finishing Uhtred’s story at this point and the Last Kingdom Season 6 is on its way.

However, we all know that the show was already not very loyal to the historical facts. In fact, it even had a scene in which Alfred openly expressed to Uhtred that he is making the entire English history of his era being written down, but he deliberately erased the parts of Uhtred so that history would forget him. In other words, we do have not much information on Uhtred’s real life and we can conclude it the way we want. Thus, we believe if we insist enough, we can get The Last Kingdom Season 6, which is likely to be released in Winter 2023, with a trailer that will probably hit the internet around February 2023. 

Luckily, even if we don’t get the Last Kingdom Season 6, we will certainly get a sequel movie named Seven Kings Must Die, which will be a stand-alone story of Uhtred and we cannot wait for it to be released already. 

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