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The Adam Project 2 – Is Sequel on the Way?

The Adam Project 2 - Is Sequel on the Way?
The Adam Project 2 - Is Sequel on the Way?

The latest Ryan Reynolds movie The Adam Project dropped on Netflix on March 13 and was streamed for a total of 92.4 million hours in its opening weekend. With this huge success, just like everyone, we are wondering if Netflix considers making The Adam Project 2 since the movie went on to have the 3rd biggest opening weekend for a Netflix movie following Red Notice (149 million hours), another Ryan Reynolds movie, and Don’t Look Up (111 million hours) starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

The movie follows Adam (Ryan Reynolds), a time pilot who lives in the year 2050 but has to go back in time to search for his missing wife, Laura (Zoe Saldana). While Adam is supposed to go back to 2018, he accidentally ends up in 2022 and meets his younger self (Walker Scobell). Although at first, the movie seems to be about time travel and the coming together of a man with his younger version, the movie is also about Adam’s relationship with his deceased father (Mark Ruffalo), as he teams up with him as well.

Due to the movie’s ever-growing popularity, curiosity over the possibility of The Adam Project sequel increased now more than ever. Let’s see if the possibility of a sequel is strong or faint.

The Adam Project Rotten Tomatoes

Director Shawn Levy and Ryand Reynolds on the set of The Adam Project

Director Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds on the set of The Adam Project

The Adam Project received a score of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes with a total of 176 reviews and an audience score of 78% with more than 1000 ratings. For the director of the movie, Shawn Levy, who also directed another Ryan Reynolds movie, Free Guy (2021), this score seems a bit low since Free Guy received 80% from critics and 94% from the audience.

The critics’ consensus for The Adam Project on Rotten Tomatoes mentions how Ryan Reynolds is playing a similar character to his previous roles but with this movie what he offers is more entertaining and at times even moving.

The Adam Project Reviews

Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo and Walker Scobell in The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, and Walker Scobell in The Adam Project

The reviews for the movie are quite mixed, especially when we looked at the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes we saw that while some of the top critics enjoyed the movie some others did not. The negative reviews focus on multiple points such as the cheap sci-fi effects of the movie, the clothing choices for the army soldiers, and the storyline that seems indistinguishable from Back to the Future movies. Other reviewers also criticized the movie for borrowing from different movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars. One of the last points of criticism was directed at the weakness of the action sequences in the movie which were supposedly badly directed and lacked any decent choreography.

However, there were also some reviews that concerned themselves more with the emotional impact of the movie, emphasizing how the movie touches upon what it’s like to confront your younger self (which is something most people would like to do at one point in their life). The critics think that the movie did a great job at portraying the relationship between future Adam and young Adam. It seems the two had great chemistry and their dialogues were terrific.

If you want to learn about the cast of The Adam Project, see The Adam Project Netflix 2022 Cast; Ages, Partners, Characters

The Adam Project 2 News: Is There Going to Be The Adam Project sequel?

The Adam Project 2: Is It Going to Happen?

The Adam Project 2: Is It Going to Happen?

As of today, Netflix hasn’t announced anything regarding The Adam Project sequel. However, the director Shawn Levy addressed in a recent interview the potential for a 2nd movie. According to Levy, the movie ended right at the point where the director initially intended it to end. So, the ending of the movie was not left open-ended to create a space for a sequel. He also said that Ryan Reynolds agrees with him as well on leaving the first movie as a standalone film.

So, it seems that the director is not willing to go for The Adam Project 2 but you never know, maybe if there is enough demand from the producers at Netflix and the audience, there is always a chance for a sequel. But, again, it seems unlikely.

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