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Slasher: Ripper Season 5 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Slasher Ripper Season 5 Release Date
Slasher Ripper Season 5 Release Date

Slasher Ripper Season 5 might be on the way after the announcement of AMC Networks. It has been rumored that the broadcasting site has commissioned a new season for Slasher, but are the rumors true so we can watch Slasher Ripper Season 5 soon?

If you have been following the show since the 1st season, then you know how it started on the Chiller’s network and then moved on to Netflix for its 2nd and 3rd installments. However, to watch the 4th season, we had to move on to AMC’s streaming site, and you might guess how difficult is to follow the Slasher series. We hope the same won’t happen for Slasher Ripper Season 5, and it will continue on the same streaming site.

According to some sources, we will be able to watch Slasher Ripper Season 5 on AMC and it will be set in the 1800s, but opposite to the common belief, it will not be about Jack the Ripper. The tale of the next season will be about, of course, our main character Slasher returning to find a serial murderer haunting the streets.

Slasher Ripper Season 3

Slasher Ripper Season 3

The difference between the new Slasher (The Widow) in Slasher Ripper Season 5 and the Jack the Ripper will be that the former will not hurt the innocent during the process. The only person standing in the way of this new Slasher is the new detective Kenneth Rijkers, and we are wondering what will happen to him in Slasher Ripper Season 5.

Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Thomas P. Vitale, Aaron Martin, Ian Carpenter, and Adam Macdonald are the names of the executive products of Slasher Ripper Season 5, and we are waiting for the amazing work of these people to be released. But when?

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Will there be Season 5 of Slasher?

The Widow

The Widow

We are happily announcing the news that Shudder has announced the release of Slasher Ripper Season 5 so, yes, we will be able to watch the 5th season soon!

The Slasher series debuted in 2016 and in 2021, Slasher Season 4 hit the screens with a huge impact. According to the rumors, Eric McCormack will star and take part in the Slasher Ripper Season 5. McCormack will be seen giving life to the character Basil Garvey who is a charming billionaire. He is a brutal person and he supervises the city on the verge of a new century, but will he save the street turn into a blood river or contribute to it?

Slasher Ripper Season 5’s production has probably begun because it was timed to begin in 2022’s spring, but you know how things are with the new releases. The time might change and we might even wait until 2023 to watch the new season.

Who is the killer in Slasher?

Tom Winston

Tom Winston

The Executioner was the primary adversary of Slasher’s 1st season and we’ve known him as a masked man wearing a leather hood and black robe which is very similar to Tom Winston’s dressing style. On 1988’s Halloween, Tom Winston costumed as the Executioner only to murder Rachel and Bryan Ingram by breaking into their house and injuring Alan Henry. Tom succeeded to apprehend Alan, which resulted in him having a scar on his left side for the rest of his life. We had different killers in Slasher and we still do not know who will be the next killer in Slasher Ripper Season 5, however, it is rumored to be The Widow.

Which is the best season of Slasher?

Kit Jennings

Kit Jennings

We think Slasher Season 3 is the greatest season of Slasher produced until today, but Slasher Ripper Season 5 might change our opinion. It follows the events of both Season 1 and Season 2 and continues where the investigation left off, but this time we got to watch the party boy Kit Jennings who was stabbed to death by a masked Slasher.

While he was being murdered, people saw it but nobody did anything. Why we liked this season the best is because it focused on both psychological and societal criticism along with other societal issues. If you want to watch a mix of horror with racism, misogyny, homophobia, and tragedy, definitely give this one a chance. We are hoping Slasher Ripper Season 5 will be as successful as the 3rd one.

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