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Servant Season 4 Release Date, Trailer – Is Servant Cancelled?

Servant Season 4 Release Date - Is Servant Cancelled?
Servant Season 4 Release Date - Is Servant Cancelled?

The American psychological horror drama Servant released its exciting final episode of the 3rd season on March 25, with a surprising ending that made us wonder when Servant Season 4 release date is going to be and how it is going to continue from where Season 3 left off. Receiving a rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, Servant has been one of Apple Tv’s most successful shows. It has been going on since 2019 with 3 strong seasons, and now it is time to find out if there is going to be a Season 4.

The show has an interesting plot, like all psychological dramas, involving a couple, Dorothy and Sean Turner, who suddenly lose their 13-week-old son Jericho. After this terrifying incident, Dorothy experiences a psychotic break, after which the couple starts to go to transitory object therapy. The therapist, who is unlicensed, tries out a radical experiment and gives Dorothy a lifelike reborn doll which Dorothy fully believes that it is her son. Their life changes once again when they hire a young nanny called Leanne.

Servant Season 4 Release Date

Servant Season 4 Release Date

Servant Season 4 Release Date

Although there were rumors that Season 3 was going to be the end of Servant, the show was renewed for a 4th season even before the 3rd season arrived. Unfortunately, it was also revealed that the 4th season is going to be the final season of the series as M. Night Shyamalan also reported in an interview that he had dreamed of the series as having 40 episodes in total. As the previous seasons had 10 episodes each, the 4th season will have 10 episodes as well, and that will be the end of it…

Servant Season 4 release date, though, is yet to be known as there are no announcements made by either the producers or Apple Tv+. No source actually contends that the last season is going to be released in 2022. That seems like a stretch. The IMDB page of the series shows the 1st episode of Servant Season 4 to be aired in January 2023. We believe this potential schedule makes sense because the previous 2 seasons too aired their 1st episodes in January.

Servant Season 3 Ending Explained

Servant Season 3 Ending Explained

Servant Season 3 Ending Explained

What happened at the end of Season 3 shocked everyone as we do not know the fate of Dorothy. In the final moments of the last episode of Season 3, we saw Dorothy trying to flee with Jericho, leaving Sean and Leanne. However, Leanne stops her and asks to go with her, which Dorothy does not want at all. Dorothy tells Leanne that she can have everything in the house if she lets them go but Leanne does not listen and grabs Dorothy by the waist, screaming for Sean at the same time.

Julian and Sean hear the scream and go outside to see what is going on. Dorothy calls Leanne delusional and does not give Jericho to Sean despite his insistence to hold him. And here we see Leanne breaking her promises and taking action to hurt Dorothy. She breaks the banisters that Dorothy is leaning on, which results in Dorothy falling to the bottom of the house. The final scene is Dorothy, severely injured, looking up and Leanne looking down at her. This is pretty much Servant Season 3 ending explained for you!

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How many episodes in Servant Season 3

How Many Episodes in Servant Season 3?

How Many Episodes in Servant Season 3?

All seasons of Servant have 10 episodes each and each episode is usually around 30 minutes. The series has been following this since its 1st season in 2019 and this system seems to go well for the series that they decided to preserve it.

Each episode has its own name which was as follows for the 3rd season:

  1. Donkey
  2. Hive
  3. Hair
  4. Ring
  5. Tiger
  6. Fish
  7. Camp
  8. Donut
  9. Commitment
  10. Mama
How to watch Servant online
How to Watch Servant Online?

How to Watch Servant Online?

Servant is an Apple Tv Plus series, so all you have to do to watch it is to get a subscription from Apple Tv+. The subscriptions start from $4.99 a month and the 1st week is free!

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