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Stay Close Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Cancelled?

Stay Close Season 2
Stay Close Season 2

Stay Close, the latest Harlan Coben thriller has piqued the interest of Netflix members, who follow a lady urgently attempting to escape her terrible past. But what will be Stay Close Season 2 about? There are a number of twists and turns as the mystery is progressively exposed, as readers have come to anticipate from the crime fiction, but the tale isn’t neatly wrapped up in a bow.

In reality, the Stay Close conclusion is a last-minute stunner that lands a significant bombshell on viewers and jeopardizes the destiny of the characters.

Suffice it to say, many fans will be wondering if this breakthrough will be pursued in Stay Close Season 2, so we’ve compiled all of the details we have so far. Spoiler alert!

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What is Stay Close Netflix about?

Cush Jumbo

Cush Jumbo

Stay Close, like many crime thrillers, is about a group of individuals troubled by their past – a history that has rushed forward into the present, threatening to disturb their comfortable if staid suburban existence. Megan Pierce is a mother of three who recreated herself seventeen years ago; Mike Broome is a burned-out investigator who is still fixated with a seventeen-year-old cold-case and Ray Levine is a struggling photographer who is still reeling from his girlfriend’s disappearance seventeen years earlier.

The lives of the people are interwoven, as one would assume, and Stay Close weaves a complicated storyline as it travels from one strand of its story to the next.

Daniel Francis

Daniel Francis

Stay Close is incredibly entertaining on the most basic level. It feels built to be binged, with one episode leading into the next. It’s intriguing in the sense that you want to keep going with it, though not necessarily compelling in the sense that you’ll remember it in great detail a few months later. It’s atmospheric and suspenseful, frequently tense and dramatic, never exactly addicting but undeniably gripping: if you enjoyed Safe, you’ll probably appreciate this as well.

Stay Close is not without drawbacks. One of them is a little different in that the series fails to convey a feeling of the landscape. Stay Close director Daniel O’Hara never quite manages to clarify where the different areas of town are in relation to one another, most likely as a result of translating Harlan Coben’s novel to television. As small as it may seem, it gradually becomes unexpectedly disturbing.

We are hoping that Stay Close Season 2 will bring the things we liked about the show and have some improvements about the ones that could be enhanced.

Stay Close Season 2 Release Date

Megan Pierce

Megan Pierce

Stay Close Season 2 has yet to be renewed by Netflix, with the program actually designed to be a miniseries in the manner of earlier Harlan Coben adaptations such as The Stranger and The Woods.

However, star Richard Armitage told that the climactic revelation, which showed Dave to be an unintentional killer, did leave a “small little door open” for a possible sequel.

“It’s such a fantastic twist, and one of the things I admire about it is that you don’t really see what he’s done,” he continued. “You simply know there was someone in the trunk of that automobile. You don’t see him in the car, and you don’t see anything transpire; it’s all in the viewer’s head. And, of course, he has no idea what he’s done, which I think is another wonderful opening for Stay Close Season 2 – who knows?”

Mike Broome

Mike Broome

Co-star Bethany Antonia agreed that there is room for another tale and Stay Close Season 2, but that a huge time leap would be the best approach to explore the next chapter in the Shaw family’s lives.

“I believe it will come back to haunt them, but not for a long time,” Antonia speculates. “It’ll be Kayleigh’s wedding when she’s 35, and she’ll see a yellow vehicle and it’ll bring back all the memories.”

Stay Close Cast

Ray Levine

Ray Levine

If Stay Close returns for further episodes with Stay Close Season 2, it will most likely center on the Shaw family, who are hiding a deadly secret from everyone except Megan (Cush Jumbo).

It would have to dive more into the news that Dave Shaw (Daniel Francis) accidentally murdered a guy while attempting to keep his daughter, Kayleigh (Bethany Antonia), out of danger.

We might also see more of the odd pair detectives Broome and Erin, portrayed by James Nesbitt and Jo Joyner, who came close to solving the mystery of Carlton Flynn’s absence in Season 1.

Sarah Parish’s Lorraine may not appear again, since the nightclub owner was discovered to be critically sick at the end of the season. We are excited to see these amazing actors in Stay Close Season 2.

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