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Nimona Netflix Release Date, Trailer – Why is Nimona Canceled?

Nimona Netflix Release Date, Trailer
Nimona Netflix Release Date, Trailer

Have you heard of the rumors that Nimona is finally scheduled to release on Netflix? Well, it looks like the rumors are true despite the fact that the animated movie went into years of development and frequent production setbacks.

The film will be produced by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane who are very famous names in the animation world. The film is inspired by ND Stevenson’s comic novel of the same name, and in the movie, we will see a shapeshifter assisting the evil Ballister Blackheart’s plot to overthrow an institute that has huge power over people.

Will Nimona be produced by Netflix? What was the cause of the cancellation news? Everything you need to know about the future of this animated movie which was abandoned by Blue Sky is here.

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Is Nimona Canceled?

Characters from the book

Characters from the book

It is not the first time we had a release date for the movie, but it is the first time where we have had Netflix’s word upon the release of the movie. In 2017, for the first time, Fox Animation announced that Blue Sky’s film will be ready to be released in 2020. However, it did not happen and the release date was extended to March 2021 just like the other two movies from the same studio called The Bob’s Burgers Movie and Ron’s Gone Wrong.

Nimona was the last Blue Sky title officially reported as going into production, but later the studio shut down all the work due to various reasons. Disney owns the parent business of Blue Sky and it was constantly shadowed, Disney finally announced the news of the closure of Blue Sky Studios and canceled the production of the film. The firm was the largest animation studio on the east coast of the United States, and its success was thanks to Ice Age and Rio, two of the well-known names in animation history.

Nimona Release Date

Nimona Cast

Nimona Cast

We are happily announcing that Nimona, an animated feature film, will be released on Netflix in 2023 after a long wait. The film, as mentioned before, is based on the graphic novel by ND Stevenson. According to a report, Disney leaders urged the producers to remove a same-sex kiss from the movie, and some are claiming that the reason for the cancelation of the movie is this. A former employee of Blue Sky commented on the issue by saying that “When the world’s largest entertainment corporation makes content for children while systematically censoring gay content, they are driving LGBTQ children into dark places.”

Nimona takes place in a techno-medieval world that we have never heard of before and it is unlike anything the animation sector has addressed previously. We are really excited to see this kind of animated movie on Netflix soon.

Among the characters, there is a knight called Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed) who constructs an uncomfortable bond with Nimona (Chlo Grace Moretz). Another rumor about the same-sex scene is that if the kiss is reintroduced to the film, Try Guy Eugene Lee Yang -another super fun person to watch, you should check his content on Youtube!- will appear as the knight’s romantic interest.

Nimona Book

Nimona's Book

Nimona’s Book

Nimona was first introduced to the readers by HarperCollins when they released the graphic novel of the same name as a webcomic in 2015. Nimona might be a name you have heard before because it won many prizes such as the Eisner Award. We might not know the future of the movie because even though there is a clear release year, Netflix might drop the movie at any time, too. However, the film adaptation’s principal voice cast has been on board since early 2021.

Blue Sky Studios is also known for The Peanuts Movie and they were actively developing the concept and context for the Nimona’s upcoming movie until the demand for closure from Disney. Of course, the news infuriated the animators because they’ve put a lot of work into the movie.

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