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Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Trailer - Is it Canceled?
Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Trailer - Is it Canceled?

Marvel’s most recent Disney+ hit Moon Knight already became one of the fans’ favorites with its first 2 episodes, making everyone wonder if there is going to be a Moon Knight Season 2. The new series released its 1st episode on March 30 and its 2nd on April 6. The remaining 4 episodes of the season will be released weekly on Disney+. We will be watching the final episode of the season on May 4.

Starring Oscar Isaac in the lead role, Marc Spector is a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple identity disorder. This mental disorder makes Marc have more than 2 personalities and experience memory gaps so he doesn’t remember anything when he switches back and forth between these personalities and their mental states. One of Spector’s personalities is Steven Grant, a British gift-shop employee. Spector / Knight becomes the avatar of Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

We seriously cannot express how excited we are for the remaining episodes of the season especially because the trailer for the series mostly included scenes from the 1st episode of the series. So, we are clueless about what comes next. Don’t worry, Marvel never disappoints its fans. Maybe we should worry about the possibility of a 2nd season though and question if there is going to be one.

Moon Knight Season 2

Is there going to be a Moon Knight Season 2?

Is there going to be a Moon Knight Season 2?

In an interview, Oscar Isaac talked about Moon Knight as a limited series so it is most likely that this season will be the end of Moon Knight series. However, Isaac also talked about how Moon Knight’s future depended on how many people actually liked it so a future project is definitely not out of question. Because Marvel renewed only 2 of its limited series so far, Loki and What If…?, the arrival of a Moon Knight Season 2 is shrouded in mystery.

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Moon Knight comic

Moon Knight comic (2021) #6

Moon Knight comic (2021) #6

The character Moon Knight first appeared in another Marvel comic Werewolf by Night #32, in 1975. After the creators liked the character, they decided to give him his comic series, initially published in 1980, in which Moon Knight’s origin story was explained in detail. The Moon Knight comic is still going on and has a total of 9 volumes.

Moon Knight dagger

Moon Knight with his daggers

Moon Knight with his daggers (crescent darts)

Moon Knight’s primary choice of weapons is his daggers, mainly known as crescent darts. They are made of Adamantium, a fictional metal in the Marvel universe. Moon Knight usually uses them for throwing but they are also useful to him during close combat. The visual shape of the darts is made to resemble the shape of a crescent moon, inspired by the Egyptian Moon god, Khonshu. These daggers are incorporated into his suit.

Moon Knight costume details

Moon Knight Costume: Mr. Knight

Moon Knight Costume: Mr. Knight

In the 2nd episode of Moon Knight Season 1 named “Summon the Suit,” Steven realized that he shares his body with Marc Spector but he did not want to surrender his body to March. Instead, he came up with his costume, a completely white suit with a white mask. This persona is known as Mr. Knight, an alternate personality for Moon Knight. Rather than a vigilante like Moon Knight, Mr. Knight acts as a detective and consults with the police.

The Moon Knight costume on the other hand is much more suited for combat and has weapons attached to it. Spector summons the costume rather than wear it under his clothes. The writer for the 1st episode, Jeremy Slater, talked about the creation of the Moon Knight costume in this Tweet series.

Moon Knight trailer

As the show’s future is still not known yet we cannot provide you with the Moon Knight Season 2 trailer, but we have the incredible trailer for Season 1 below!

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