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Love is Blind After the Altar Season 2 News! Did Deepti and Kyle Get Together?

Love is Blind After the Altar Season 2 News!
Love is Blind After the Altar Season 2 News!

Those who are big fans of the reality TV series Love is Blind will know that more than a year after the final episode of the 1st season, Netflix released 3 more episodes titled Love is Blind After the Altar. In 3 45-minutes episodes, the much-talked-about dating series followed the lives of its contestants after the series. Did they stay together or break up? These questions were answered there.

As you know, Love is Blind Season 2 came out in February 2022, and the reunion came out in the following month. Now, we are rightfully waiting for Love is Blind After the Altar Season 2. We cannot wait to find out what happened to the couples of the 2nd season. Did Deepti and Shake give each other another chance? Are Danielle and Rick still together?

To get the answers to these questions, we need Love is Blind After the Altar Season 2 as soon as possible! Here is everything we know about the future of the series.

Will there be more episodes of Love is Blind After the Altar?

Luckily, a trailer for Love is Blind Season 2’s After the Altar episodes dropped on August 2022. On September 16, we will get 3 new episodes from the series, and we’ll be able to see what happens to the couples after the weddings. The episode lengths are not disclosed yet, but we expect them to be around the same as last season’s After the Altar episodes, around 45 minutes each.

As we can see from the trailer, these 3 new episodes will not disappoint, and we’ll learn more about the stories of Jarrette, Iyanna, Shayne, Natalie, and more.

Is Love is Blind the same as Love is Blind After the Altar?

Is Love is Blind the same as Love is Blind After the Altar?

Is Love is Blind the same as Love is Blind After the Altar?

For the 1st-time watchers, the names can be confusing. But basically, what you need to know is that Love is Blind and Love is Blind After the Altar are the same show. What happens is we watch a season of Love is Blind, and sometime later, we get 3 more episodes named After the Altar. These new episodes focus on the couples and the contestants of that season. It follows their life after the contest. So, After the Altar is not a different show. Just as we got 3 episodes of After the Altar for Season 1, we will also be getting 3 episodes for Season 2.

If you want to watch the After the Altar episodes, you have to search for Love is Blind on Netflix, and you’ll see that episodes 12, 13, and 14 of Season 1 are After the Altar episodes. The same will be possible for Season 2 on September 16. Episodes 12 to 14 will be After the Altar episodes of the 2nd season.

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Did Deepti and Kyle get together?

Did Deepti and Kyle get together?

Did Deepti and Kyle get together?

One of the hottest couples of Love is Blind Season 2 was Deepti and Shake. Unfortunately, in the wedding episode, Deepti said no to Shake, and the couple split up. On the other hand, Kyle and Shaina were also couples who could not finalize their love with a wedding. They split up after Kyle met Shaina’s family. In the Season 2 reunion, Shaina revealed that she was in a relationship with somebody, but that person was not Kyle. Most shockingly, Kyle admitted his biggest regret on the show was not proposing to Deepti.

After Kyle confessed his love for Deepti, fans of the show have been speculating about Deepti and Kyle. However, both keep saying they are close friends and are not dating. But now, in the trailer for the After the Altar episodes, we see Deepti and Kyle sharing cozy scenes, with Deepti saying she wants to be around Kyle all the time. We guess we’ll see what truly happened between the duo on September 16, 2022.

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