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Why Was Lost in Space Canceled? – The Truth About the Netflix Show!

Why Was Lost in Space Canceled?
Why Was Lost in Space Canceled?

The 1998 American science fiction adventure film, directed by Stephen Hopkins, was adapted for the screen by Akiva Goldsman from Irwin Allen’s 83-episode television series that was aired on the American CBS television channel between 1965 and 1968. Among the leading roles in the movie were promising actors such as Gary Oldman, William Hurt, Matt Leblanc, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, Lacey Chabert, Jack Johnson, and Jared Harris. The theme music of the movie is signed by Bruce Bringon.

The hit TV series of the 60s, Lost in Space, is back on Netflix in 2018 with a cast; Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson), Molly Parker (Maureen Robinson), Taylor Russell (Judy Robinson), Parker Posey (Zachary Smith), Toby Stephens (John Robinson). and Ignacio Serricchio (Major Don West).

The case of the Lost in Space series; presents the survival war of the Robinson family, which has earned the right to live in the world with the start of colonization in space. As a result of the hit of a meteorite on the world, the ecosystem has changed a lot. Even if the world is not completely destroyed, it becomes an uninhabitable place. That’s why humanity tries to send colonies into space to survive on another planet. At this point, the Robinson family, the main characters of the series, is included.

Lost in Space

Lost in Space

The Robinson family is one of the families that passed certain tests and deserved to be sent into space to live in a better world. In this journey of the Robinson family, an unexpected accident occurs, they deviate from their route, and the mother ship (Resolute) crashes on another planet. The family tries to survive on this planet they have fallen into. Lost in Space, which is a complete family drama, not only tries to survive on a planet with an unstable climate and is home to strange creatures but also tries to repair their family relationships.

Lost In Space Season 2 began airing in 2019. The series, which received approval for Season 3, unfortunately, had to be postponed due to the COVID-19. However, last year, the science fiction series Lost in Space met its audience with its third season consisting of 8 episodes. However, according to the statements made by executive producer and showrunner Zack Estrin, the series was planned for only three seasons from the very beginning. As such, the series made its finale in the 8th episode of Season 3.

What happened in Lost in Space Season 3?

Netflix’s popular science fiction series Lost in Space said goodbye to the fans with Season 3. Before the final season came to the screens, they released the promotional film with a message that Will Robinson had previously recorded. The first two seasons of the series consist of 10 episodes, and the final season consists of 8 episodes. In the final season, we see the Robinsons meet again and their survival instincts step in as they struggle to save the Alpha Centuri from a robot invasion. In the opening part; Judy, Penny, and Will, who have been on a mission with the Resistance children for a year, strive to find the titanium they need to get to Alpha Centauri.

Netflix's Lost in Space season 3

Netflix’s Lost in Space Season 3

There’s plenty of room for love triangles, domestic fears, and robot wars throughout the 8 episodes. Although the plan to protect Alpha Centauri worked, with Smith (Parkey Posey), Robot (Brian Steele), and Don (Ignacio Serricchio) in the series, most of the robots from SAR’s sinking ship survived. With one last effort, Smith takes Robot and Will to Robot’s home planet and tries to change their minds about humans, but to no avail.

The current war draws to a close as Will and his family faces the SAR when he returns to Centauri, with the Robot’s final act transplanting a piece of itself into Will’s mechanical heart. When the SAR stabs his heart, the Robot switches to the SAR’s body and they solve problems; with free will, robots can decide their own programs. When SAR is defeated, a few of the robots remain in Alpha Centauri, helping humanity for the future. In short, Lost in Space does not neglect to give a satisfying ending to each character.

Is Lost in Space an original Netflix series?

The classic story of a stranded family in the future is made possible by the makers of Netflix’s Lost in Space by making some changes in the process, as it works in modern sci-fi as well as it used to. The original concept of Lost in Space is inspired by the classic Swiss Robinson Family. The main difference is that Netflix decided to update its adventure fiction with science fiction. The family is now stuck on an alien world with a spaceship that will give them hope, as opposed to a deserted island.

Lost in Space: Will Robinson Faces Danger in Season 3

Lost in Space: Will Robinson Faces Danger in Season 3

Will there be Lost in Space Season 4?

According to the statement made by the creator of the series, Zack Estrin, there is actually a reason why Season 4 did not come. The series was planned as an epic family adventure spanning three seasons with a clear beginning, middle, and end. In addition, trying to lengthen the story would cause both the characters’ completed journeys to be re-edited or the fiction of a new war would be prepared. However, the series accomplished to enter Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows list, and leaving it at the top was perhaps the most logical move.

Lost in Space | Sci-fi series

Lost in Space | Sci-fi series

Lost in Space ending explained

When the OG robot saves Will by activating it with lightning, it seems like it destroys the Robot and turns him to ashes, but we later realize that since Will now has a mechanical heart, the robot puts all of his consciousness on Will. So, when SAR stabs Will in the heart, the good robot’s programming takes over the SAR and uses the SAR’s body to become a new version of itself.

Lost in Space has a happy ending with a cozy family get-together without Smith. Her finally surrendering and being imprisoned shows that the anti-hero is still alive. Maureen visits her towards the end of the finale and tells her that Smith should contact her when she gets out, but it’s not hard to imagine that she’s getting out of prison and starting to stir things up in Alpha Centauri.

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