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IT Chapter 3 Release Date, Trailer – Is it Canceled?

IT Chapter 3 Release Date, Trailer - Is it Canceled?
IT Chapter 3 Release Date, Trailer - Is it Canceled?

IT Chapter 3 is the 3rd movie that is a sequel to the modern IT movies that started in 2017. IT first appeared in the Stephen King novel. The much-loved novel was brought to the screen in 1990 and a 2-part IT series was made. Andy Muschietti re-shot the series in 2017. The second movie of the series was released in 2019 and was called IT Chapter 2.

The story actually ended with 2 movies. Stephen King’s IT novel is finished in 2 movies. However, the shooting of another sequel, IT Chapter 3, started to be discussed upon the requests. The director of the series, Andy Muschietti, said he had more to say on this subject and left the door open. So, will IT Chapter 3 come?

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IT Chapter 3 Release Date

IT Chapter 3 Release Date

IT Chapter 3 Release Date

The audience made a lot of demands for IT Chapter 3. Two IT movies released in 2017 and 2019 also achieved tremendous success. IT, one of the most popular horror movies of recent times, is requested by the audience again. The producers started thinking about IT Chapter 3, but no information was announced.

The book on which the series is based is very thick and it is not possible to cover it in a single movie. For this reason, IT was divided into two parts as the subject and the story ended in the 2nd part. Although there is no core topic for IT Chapter 3, it was thought that the story could continue. Although the predictions and expectations for the 3rd movie increased, it was announced that the 3rd movie would not be shot. The 3rd movie will not be made because the 2nd movie has a definite and good ending.

IT Chapter 3 Trailer Release Date

An original trailer video for IT Chapter 3 has not been released. When the movie 3 news went viral, fans made videos for IT Chapter 3, but none of them are original and contained no definitive clues about the 3rd movie. Although the producers thought of shooting the third movie, the third movie was canceled. Therefore, the trailer of the IT Chapter 3 movie will not be made.

Is IT the clown a demon?

Is IT the clown a demon?

Is IT the clown a demon?

IT is a creature that appears every 27 years and hunts with children and sometimes adults. It occurs in the Derry area of ​​Maine and repeats the hunting process every 27 years. This creature, which is stated to be female, appears as a clown and has many supernatural abilities. IT can go unnoticed by humans, creating illusions and distorting reality. It feeds on the children’s fears and then kills them.

IT is a differently named entity in the book, the 1990 series, and the modern movie franchise. IT is described as an interdimensional demonic alien in the novel. It is clearly identified as the devil in the 90’s series. In the modern film series, IT is called Deadlight.

What did Beverly’s dad do to her?

The Losers Club is a boy band fighting IT in the story. Beverly Marsh is a female member of The Losers Club and is one of the main characters of the story. Beverly has an abusive, slightly insane natural father. Her father hates Bev hanging out with boys and is violent towards her daughter.

Bev’s father also sexually abused his daughter. Although this abuse is not openly displayed in the movie, her father’s words and Bev’s behavior show that there is such a thing between them. There is physical and sexual abuse in the novel, and Bev’s mother is suspicious enough to ask if Bev’s father has touched her.

Why is Beverly's fear blood?

Why is Beverly’s fear blood?

Why is Beverly’s fear blood?

IT takes on the horror elements of children while hunting them and gives them horror-filled moments. Beverly Marsh sees IT as her father because she fears her father, who has abused her since childhood. Bev is also afraid of blood. Bev once saw that the entire bathroom was covered in blood and she was frightened.

At the root of Bev’s fears is her fear of being abused by men. Abused by her misogynistic father, Bev fears getting her period and being more female. The blood she fears is actually menstrual blood. Her period reminds her of her sexuality, sexual abuse, and her father’s hatred of women.

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