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Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books! – Which One Is Better?

Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books - Which is Better
Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books - Which is Better

Joanne Rowling is one of the most well-known British authors today, but it does not help with the Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books fight. Although she probably couldn’t have predicted the popularity of her Harry Potter series, today, many people are discussing over Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books. Joanne, a University of Exeter Bachelor of French and Classics graduate, was a researcher, but now everybody knows about her because of her books. Is this enough reason to say the winner of Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books is the books? Apparently, no.

Her works are written with passion and precision, and her unique approach to character development brought to life the wizards, witches, and magical monsters, but today we’ll speak about the things that make the Harry Potter films and books so famous, with the result of the Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books war.

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What is so great about Harry Potter books?

Harry Potter books

Harry Potter books

Of course, cramming 7 tomes’ worth of rich information into 8 1.5-2 hour-long movies is difficult, but, on the other hand, to suggest you’ll lose out on a lot of things if you don’t read the novels. In addition, to reduce screen time, the movies have frequently jumbled a few facts which you will only find in the books: for example, Harry receives the Firebolt towards the end of the PoA rather than in the middle of the session or when Dumbledore disappears from the castle despite Hogwarts.

To put it simply, books are superior to movies when it comes to the details. Many fans suggest going for those books straight now. Given that Harry Potter movie fans are unable to connect the Marauder’s Map to who they were, have no idea what an Animagus or a garden gnome is, have no idea what wandless magic is, have no idea where all of the food for the feasts comes from, how bothersome the poltergeist was, how Professor Snape secured the philosopher’s stone, we can say that they are missing a lot by not reading the books.

Some may claim that graphics cannot be obtained through books: though accurate, we believe that is how a book is designed to function: reading, absorbing, imagining, feeling, knowing, and seeing. Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books fight is won by the books when it comes to details.

What is so great about Harry Potter movies?

Harry Potter 1st movie

Harry Potter 1st movie

The location and number of story twists establish the narrow line between excellent and iconic movies, and we know everyone enjoys a film with a few unexpected twists, but plot twisting should never be done for the sake of plot twisting. In the movies, Joanne infused the plot with just enough enigmas and legendary surprises that no one could have predicted.

Some of the characters we first despised ended up making us cry in waterfalls by the conclusion of the saga; some deaths were absolutely unexpected, while others were certainly unnecessary, but at the end of the day, regardless of the routes it was dragged into, all Harry Potter films are fairly organic in terms of storyline.

Harry Potter actors

Harry Potter actors

But how does it help us to get a result of Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books? The performers who have not only acted but also become the characters they have portrayed have had a huge effect on the success and reception of the Harry Potter films, so it’s difficult to fathom a youngster in the world who hasn’t heard of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Emma Watson as Hermione, and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley. No one will ever forget Harry Potter and his story, even though they never read the book.

In addition, Alan Rickman’s Snape and Gary Oldman’s Sirius Black are two of the most memorable modern performances. What may best be characterized as a cross between baseball and handball on flying brooms has become a famous fantasy sport. Considering all of these, movies contribute to the Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books war by showing that even people who do not care about the books know about the amazing performances in the movie.

Are Harry Potter movies better than the books?

Harry Potter movies

Harry Potter movies

It is time to declare the winner of Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books. Fans adore the Harry Potter series, and it looks like they enjoyed the movies more. The delight stems from the fact that viewing the movie is similar to recreating the scenarios that played out in their mind when they first read the novels as a youngster, and their deep love for the films originates from witnessing the narrative that originally captivated their mind depicted in a three-dimensional form on the screen.

The films also feature some of the best acting talents in the country, making it a real British hall of fame, so we think the winner of Harry Potter Movies vs Harry Potter Books is the movies.

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